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Dining Discuss Rainforest Cafe?? in the Vacation Planning forums; What is your opinion of the Rainforest Cafe? I have never been but I have planned it for our trip in June. I was just wondering what everyone else thought ...
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    Rainforest Cafe??

    What is your opinion of the Rainforest Cafe? I have never been but I have planned it for our trip in June. I was just wondering what everyone else thought of it??

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    i've been to two different rainforest cafes. they've been all right. the first time i went was at WDW and it was more fun there, the atmosphere was working a little better. the food was pretty good, but not anything overly special (although the desert that has the sparkler in it is very fun)

    the second time i went was kind of amusing. it was during the summer and spaceshipclover and i drove into shaumburg, il on a break from camp. we had some things we needed at ikea and decided to make a weekend of it. we decided to have fun and dress up and go out to eat our first night there. so we went to the mall and were prepared to go to cheesecake factory but found out they no longer make our favorite thing so we headed to Rainforest Cafe. While we were looking at our menus our waiter came to give us some water and ended up pouring the ENTIRE pitcher all over me. well, you know how malls are in the summer with their AC so the AC was blasting and i was in a skirt and tanktop and freezing now that i had a pitcher of water all over. the waiter was so embarressed that he just apologized and walked away and the next thing we knew the manager was there apologizing and giving us our meal for free and getting me a sweatshirt from the gift shop to warm up in.

    so i have to say even though it's not my most favorite they do have great customer service.

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    Grrreat atmosphere for kids or kids at heart; so-so rather expensive food. Usually an hour or so wait at WDW during peak times and then another half hour or so to get your food.

    P.S. Ask for Stacey at the AK RFC if she is still there. She is fun to talk to and provides grrreat service.
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    I personally do not like it at all. I think it is overpriced and not very good. Plus there is always a huge wait to get in. The animatronic animals are kind of cool but I think just walking in to see them would be sufficient.

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    I agree with everyone else so far. Just know that since it's not technically a Disney restaurant, you will not find disney characters there. That being siad, the Disney service is still there (or has been for me every time I've visited the Rainforest Cafe).
    Hope this helps some.
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    I've never been to either of the RFCs at Disney World. The one in London, England, and the one in Nashville, TN, both have the most excellent BBQ ribs called Mojo Bones. Also the Volcano dessert is awesome. It is expensive, but it can easily feed a family of four. And the atmosphere is really great!

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    We haven't tried it either. Having said that, it is on 'our plans' to go when we are back at WDW next year!!

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    We've eaten at both of the at WDW, but only once because since then we now have one here in our hometown. So.....since we frequent RFC quite often here at home, we do not see the need to "waste" on of our WDW meals eating there. We really love our RFC. I don't believe that the food is anymore expensive than any of the other WDW restaurants and the protions they give you are quite large. We always split a kids meal for our two boys because it is way too much food for one of them.

    My favorite entree there is the Bamba's Barbeque Wrap (with Chicken) and my DH's favorite is the Pastalya. It is like a gumbo with pasta. It is pretty good, but a little spicy. Also like the Barbeque Chicken flatbread pizza. They also have an awesome Chicken Ceasar Salad, but make sure you have a tic tac for when you're done! The "sparkler" dessert that they've spoke about is called a Volcano and yes, it is good and it will easily feed 3-4 people!

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    We have eaten there everytime we have gone to Disney. I guess expensive is a matter of oppinion. We are by no means rich. The prices are comparable to any other casual dining place around where I am from. Plus the kids stay entertained.

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    I always enjoyed the one at Disney but haven't been there since the late 90s. Will be going back next year

    But this summer I went to the London one with a group of 16 friends (including one lady visiting from Florida!) and I was appalled - the wait time was horrendous, the service was awful and the whole experience was dire. Not to mention, my DF and one of the other men had steak - it was a lump of meat and a few chips (french fries) on a plate - no salad, no garnish or anything. I really missed the Disney-style service you get at the Florida ones and I made that abundantly clear on the comment card
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    I just wish it took the Disney Meal Plan. but when I called to make my dining reservations the lady told me that RFC in AK may be taking the dining plan next year ('06).

    I lived in Nashville for awhile and the one there was good, but the wait was too long (although the one in AK you can make priority seating arrangements for).

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    I like it. If you like themed restaurants, or if you appreciate the jungle theme, you should enjoy it. I think the food is ok. It isn't cheap, but for a treat, a fun place to go. I like the Chicken Ceasar salad there and some of the appetizers.
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    I love the RC! Here's a tidbit, though...the DD Rainforest doesn't make Priority Seatings, just the one in DAK. With a PS for it, you can reduce your wait to get in to about 5-15 minutes. And I'm pretty sure thta AP holders get a 10% discount on food and non-alchoholic beverages for the passholder and up to 4 people, but I'm not sure.

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    If you're still interested in thoughts on the place, I've been there a couple times, and my handful of experiences has been pretty good. Each time, it's been in the company of friends, my personal fave occasion being one of the nights I could treat a buddy from the UK who had never been in a joint like that.

    I for one thought the chow was pretty good, and I'll vouch for the "pastalaya" and the pot roast. Can't say I've ever had better (sorry, mom). But on that note, for those of us who do worry about that sort of thing, it is kind of ironic that a restaurant as publicly dedicated to the preservation of the rain forests serves beef. One of the major reasons the lands are being defolitated is for the cattle industry.

    Can't win 'em all, I guess.
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    i've been to the DD RFC and it was ok..i didn't really think it was anything special...the atmosphere is cute but i'd rather use that meal somewhere else a little more "disney" to me.

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