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Dining Discuss Disney's Spirit of Aloha Show in the Vacation Planning forums; Anybody been to this? We have a group of adults with 4 kids ages 5 to 12. Should we take the kids or just have an adults only night?...
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    Disney's Spirit of Aloha Show

    Anybody been to this? We have a group of adults with 4 kids ages 5 to 12. Should we take the kids or just have an adults only night?

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    We go every year and the kids enjoy it. The dancers bring the kids up on the stage to do the hula, and the kids love the fire dancer. My kids are now almost 6 and 7 and they've been going since they were 3 and 4. Its definately worth it. But I would say try to get the earlier show as it can be harder for them to stay up.

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    Earlier show is better because you can catch Wishes afterward. Go even earlier and explore the monorail resorts. Instead of a meal, you can make it an adventure. My kids LOVE the arcade in the CR and monorail hopping. My wife loves wandering the shops. As long as they're all happy, I'm happy. If you want to take it further, plan the whole day outside of the parks. Mini golf in the morning, swimming in the afternoon- it makes for a great pace for the whole day while at the same time soaking in more of what WDW has to offer.
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    We have been several times and like the new show better than the older one. The little ones will recognize some songs from Lilo and Stitch. I like the old dessert better than the new one, but Mr. iwannabeminnie likes the new one better (he is the chocoholic in our family).
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    We went on it this recent trip, and it wasn't as good as I remembered it being. The last time my family and I went to it, it was in the evening show, which was sportively the show geared towards older guests. I remember it being very nice last time, but this time it seemed more suited to a preschool level. We tried to get a refund and leave when the first dancers came on (we realised it wasnt at all going to be what it was before), but we were told by the "assistant manager" (he said he was only temporary, and couldnt get the full manager of the show for us for an unspecified reason) that the next act would be the fire dancers. Next act? It was christmas songs and more brightly colored dancers that might have been hawaian, but it was hard to tell... Finaly we gave up and tried once more for a refund, but only got 1/2 the money back for another unspecified reason...

    Its a shame they removed the old show and replaced it with seemingly preschool music/dancing...
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