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Dining Discuss 50s PRIME TIME CAFE in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi, Has anyone been to 50s Prime Time Cafe & will tell me honestly if its for me or not!!! Sounds kinda silly ........................but I am quite a shy(ish) person ...
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    Has anyone been to 50s Prime Time Cafe & will tell me honestly if its for me or not!!!
    Sounds kinda silly ........................but I am quite a shy(ish) person & would be mortified to be dragged up & shown up.....I really love the sound of the theme as its just my era!!!!!!!!!!!
    There would just be me & Hubby so no chance of me hiding around a crowd...................Ive read so many different reviews & I booked to go last year when we was there.....................& I was a big chicken & chickened out of going.
    If I knew you could go & enjoy your meal & just watch all the goings on but not be pulled into it, I,d happily go.
    Is there anyone else out there like me ..........who,s been there & can tell me if I,d survive

    I Belle

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    I think you will be fine. Every time I have been there they have embarrased you in front of your group not the whole place, unless they save it for special occasions: ) I think the servers "mom" really can tell what type of group you are and will "play it up" as they feel suited. I think the Prime Time has a fabulous atmosphere although I think the food is ok. The milkshakes are great! Go, if it's not for you don't go back. An alternative is Sci Fi Dinner Theatre. Though I was not impressed with the food there for the price, the atmosphere was good too.

    Just eat you vegeatables & don't put your elbows on the table and you'll
    be fine.
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    I have to agree that you should be fine. Just dont put your elbows up or talk back and they wont have anything to say to you. I sat there politley and they went after my sibling and my parents. Of course i changed my way because it was a lot more fun that way. My brother also started to act way tired and they left him alone. Its does depend on how you act to how they act around you.
    There are about 4 tables in a group(roomish place) where they can hear whats going on, but the waiters only play to your table for the most part.
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    Your "cousin" might make a fuss if you don't eat your veggies at your own table, but not in front of everyone else. At least they didn't to us- not that I would have minded at all...
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    Prime Time 50's is a LOT of fun! Ask for Auntie Claire or Cousin Stacy as your server if you have the option. I stop in to see them whenever we are at the parks! They will both take good care of you, especially if you let them know you want a quiet area so you can observe and not take part in the festivities. My guess is you will have so much fun watching you will step out and play along with them!

    Have a Great TRIP and Have FUN!
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    Thanks a lot friends, I feel a bit more confident now to go when we,re next there.Will let you all know if " I survive"

    the experiance later in the year ..........& hopefully post some photos .

    I Belle

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    If you like the food but not the interaction, you could always do what I do and eat at the bar. No one bothers you there!

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    When we went last summer, we had a pretty tame "cousin" who joked with us only a little and not enough to make us feel embarrassed. Mostly we behaved ourselves and didn't give her much to work with. She kidded around with the newlyweds at the table next to us, pretending to be mad that she hadn't been invited to the wedding. But there was another 'aunt' a few tables away who was doing the 'eat your veggies' routine with a young boy (maybe 7-8 yrs old?) who got so upset he ran out of the restaurant. His mom had to go chasing after him. Then when it was time for dessert, the server actually brought the kid a green bean sundae - and out he bolted again! Thought she might have gone a bit too far with it.

    Food was good, though, and the place was packed! Even with reservations we had a 30 minute wait - during a slow time of year!
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    Pat, I think we saw the same "Aunt". A teenage girl at the next table didn't finish her green beans and so the Aunt stuck a whole forkful of the little buggers and got the whole table to chime in with the "here comes the choo-choo" routine. The poor girl turned bright red, but it looked like she was having a good time anyway. The Aunt cleared her place after the girl still refused to finish her veggies, but returned shortly with "dessert"... green beans with whipped cream and sprinkles! I thought she was hilarious, and so did everybody else in the room. But I can see where a young kid might think it a bit "mean" of her.

    There was another server in the next room who took a couple of brothers who were arguing and had them stand on opposite sides of a doorway and hold sugar packets up with their noses.

    It sounds like we might have also had the same "cousin", too. Cousin Manny was our server the last time we were there, and he was pretty tame. He picked on the table next to us a little bit, but not too badly. He made two of the guys wear plastic Little Mermaid bibs because they were making a mess, and then he made one of the guys get up and sit facing the wall in the next room... I didn't catch what he did to get that punishment though.

    At our table, my gf and I were on our best manners and didn't really give him anything to pick on us about. He actually came over at one point and told us that he had been taking his time wiping down the table next to us just to try and spot us doing something wrong, but he couldn't find anything at all. He told my gf that I'm the kind of guy she should be proud to bring home to dad.
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    If you just don't tell them it's a milestone (bday, anniversary, etc. ) keep your elbows off the table, don't ask them to modify your meal too much, eat all your food, and don't talk back to your 'cousin', then you won't be singled out.
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