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Dining Discuss Our choices.... in the Vacation Planning forums; For our 1 week stay @ WDW here are the restaurants we have chosen to make reservations for (all TS meals): 1. Sci-Fi Drive in 2. Donald's Breakfastosaurus 3. Crystal ...
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    Our choices....

    For our 1 week stay @ WDW here are the restaurants we have chosen to make reservations for (all TS meals):

    1. Sci-Fi Drive in
    2. Donald's Breakfastosaurus
    3. Crystal Palace

    Please let me know what you guys have experienced and other restaurant recommendations. Thanks alot!

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    I've been to the first two and they are both great. Sci-Fi is one of my favorite restaurants in Disney. I also love California Grill, Flying Fish Cafe, and Le Cellier!

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    Hi fancy the will love "Crystal Palace".its fun,all you can eat,good food...............& you,ll get to see CLOSE UP
    Haven,t been to the other ones ...but have been "CINDERELLA,S ROYAL TABLE".....IT,S BEAUTIFUL
    Have a great time

    I Belle

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    I really liked the Crystal Palace on our last trip - my first time eating there. Great character interraction and their desert bar is awesome!

    Also loved Donald's breakfastsaurus - lots of fun and you get to see Goofy!!! Always a plus in my book. I don't like the way they have the buffet laid out, but in the end, it all works.
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    I've actually been to all of these

    I ate at the Sci Fi on my honeymoon. It was alright, but won't go back again. You sit in a "car" & watch clips from sci fi movies. After a little while, you start seeing the same clips again, so it got old rather quickly for me. The theming is alright, but again, not my fave.
    Donald's Breakfastasaurus- This is one of my favorites! I love seeing Mickey anywhere I can. I try to get this one booked somewhat late in the morning so it can count almost as a brunch. The food is good, just about everything you could want for breakfast is there. I also usually grab a banana or orange to take for the road. The CMs in there are a lot of fun.
    Crystal Palace- I enjoyed it here as well. Good food, get to see lots of the hundred acre wood pals. Mickey's not there, but I guess he can't be everywhere! lol It's really pretty inside too.
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    1. Sci-Fi Drive in - Pretty good food and great theming, but like 4Mickey said after a bit you start seeing the same clips over and over again. The shakes and onion rings are really good though.

    2. Donald's Breakfastosaurus - Personally never been. Heard good and bad. Still I would try it to form my own opinion.

    3. Crystal Palace - Beautiful interior/exterior. I really enjoy the food there and the kids love the characters.

    Some others recommendations.

    Le Cellier, Epcot Canada Pavilion - Cheese soup! and pretzel breadsticks!
    50s Prime Time - Excellent food and fun interaction with CMs
    San Angel Inn, Epcot Mexico Pavilion - Queso Fundido! Get a table near the water and watch the boats drift by as you dine!

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    Crystal Palace: My family loves the Crystal Palace. Tip: If you are doing breakfast at the Crystal Palace, make the reservations for as early as possible. There will be almost no one else in the park. Take advantage of the empty park and get a really great picture of you and your family in front of the castle without all the other guests and strollers in the background.

    We also love:

    The Garden Grill in the Land Pavillion...this is a sit down restaurant that serves "family style" meals. That means that they bring bowls and platters of food to your table and you get empty plates to fill up on whatever you would like just like you would do at home. This is a character meal with the characters dressed like farmers and the whole restaurant slowly rotates overlooking the living with the land ride.


    50's Prime Time Cafe...the restaurant is decorated like a 50's kitchen and your servers are your relatives...they'll even break out the family album if you ask...make sure you eat all your vegetables or you might find yourself being fed the rest of what's on your plate...the dessert menu is in a ViewMaster viewfinder.

    Resorts....there are terrific restaurants outside of the parks

    Ohana's at the Polynesian resort for dinner. You can take the monorail to this resort! Ohana means family and at Ohana's your servers are your cousins! This is like a Brazilian steakhouse where grilled meats are brought to you and served at your table. You also get yummy appetizers and sides and a tasty desert. There are also fun events for kids and adults alike such as the hula hoop contest and the coconut race!

    Boma's at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner. This is a bit out of the way so you would have to get there by car or bus. But the Resort is amazing. It is worth the trip just to see the main lobby. Boma's is a buffet and in my opinion it is the best buffet in all of WDW. Do not be afraid of the "wild" orientation of the will not see any bugs or snakes on this buffet. They have an amazing array of soups, salads, sides and main courses not to mention the terrific dessert bar! For the little ones they have chicken tenders and spaghetti with meatballs. After dinner wander around the resort and walk off some of those calories. Just outside of the main lobby is one of the viewing areas for the animal never know what you'll see out there and they have"rangers" there to answer any questions you might have.
    My final tip is a link:

    This is a link to a great website called AllEars and more specifically to the page dedicated to WDW restuarants including menus and reviews.

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