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Dining Discuss Where's a good place to eat in the Vacation Planning forums; Hello this will be my family first trip to Disney World and i will like to know a good place to eat somewhere cheap and affordable and at the same ...
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    Where's a good place to eat

    Hello this will be my family first trip to Disney World and i will like to know a good place to eat somewhere cheap and affordable and at the same time some where good.

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    I'm not sure that thrifty meals are a part of the Disney adventure, but if you have a great sit down meal at almost any of the great restaurants on property, you may find that you can combine a few meals because the portions are so large. We often find that we can have a late lunch/early dinner and be fine.
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    Pecos Bill's has a wonderful fixin' bar. It really made a usual WDW hamburger into something very good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladybug35
    somewhere cheap and affordable*snort*).....BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Man oh man....hang on......I got this.....I'm okay......okay....okay.....whew................... .


    Okay, okay, now that I've got that out of my system (honest!), as far as in-park dining goes, I concur with the Pecos Bill Cafe, although if it's a matter of saving green, I do recommend keeping your chow time on the property to a minimum. The prices asked even in a lot of the cafeteria style places are bordering on the outrageous.

    (At least at Pecos Bill's, you can sort of get your money back at the fixins bar. Keep stackin' until they threaten to cut you off.)

    Right off property on I-92, there's an IHOP open until midnight, as well as a couple of Perkins', a pretty good family place (although you should probably try to get there before 10 PM if you can help it. After this hour of the evening, the place tends to remind me of the bar in Star Wars.)

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    Check out

    It is based on a great book with lots of money saving tips. There is a whole chapter on food.

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    try the fish and chips in epcot in england
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