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Dining Discuss Restaurant in the Vacation Planning forums; Has anyone been to the restaurant prime time 50's?...
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    Has anyone been to the restaurant prime time 50's?

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    Yes. It's a fun place and the food is pretty good.
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    50s Prime Time

    It's pretty good, but you get lots of food! Come hungry or plan on sharing. My favorite is the chicken pot pie and chocolate shakes. And try the Smores!

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    We ate there a couple of years ago. Be prepared to feel as though you're 10 years old eating in your mom's kitchen...but it's a lot more fun. Reserved seating is probably a must. Food is simple, but plentiful. Milk shakes are so thick you have to eat them with a spoon. The old tv's with the 50's tv sitcoms playing adds to the atmosphere.
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    It's a fun place, great decor and one of the better food options at MGM.

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    Its a great place to eat and the CM interaction can be very good at times. The Ceasar Chicken Salad is good and the Milk shakes are really good too.

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    We love 50's Prime Time Cafe! You get a ton of food for really reasonable prices. Three of us orderd the fried chicken dinner. It was a lot of food for around thirteen dollars and tasty too. My husband ordered the meatloaf and he really liked it. The waiters and waitresses are your relatives. We had Aunt Sue. You can even ask to see the family photo album and they'll tell you what all the cousins are doing. You sit at a little kitchenette with the kitschy 50's kitchen stuff on counters and walls around you so it is like sitting in a kitchen to eat. They have TV's playing old black and white sitcoms to set the mood. The desserts are in a viewfinder so even the dessert menu is fun. We ordered a dessert to share. I think it was cheesecake I can't really remember now... But I hadn't finished all of my green beans on my plate and before Aunt Sue would bring us our dessert she took my fork, speared some green beans and told me to open wide. My mother got a picture of it, it's really funny. She also called us by nicknames and when my husband tried to tell on me for not eating she called him a tattle tale and said that "angel face" (me) couldn't do anything wrong! We had a blast. One of the best restaurants for the atmosphere!
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