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Dining Discuss Is It True? in the Vacation Planning forums; Has anyone eaten at the Garden Grill at the Eptoc and is it true while you are eating the restaurant is spinning not fast but nice and slow....
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    Is It True?

    Has anyone eaten at the Garden Grill at the Eptoc and is it true while you are eating the restaurant is spinning not fast but nice and slow.

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    I haven't eaten there, but the restaurant does indeed rotate. The speed varies because the Imagineers wanted each guest to experience a full rotation so that they could see all the scenes of Living With The Land; it spins faster at lunch than at dinner because it takes people more time to eat dinner.

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    I'm going to have to try that restaurant soon. Sounds interesting. If you've eaten there, how's the food? What's the menu?
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    That is indeed interesting! I am sooo going to have to go there on my next trip!
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    I've eaten there, and it's a fun place. You get to see some of the Living with the Land boat ride, including some scenes that you can't see from the boats. The food is served Family Style - all you can eat brought to the table. The menu has changed since I was there, but it was very good. Chip, Dale and Farmer Mickey are there too (it's a character meal, for lunch and dinner; breakfast is not served).
    The menu can be found here:

    It's definitely on my family's list for this year's trip!
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    This place has pretty good food. Not wonderful but good. The Scenery is the best and so are the characters they spend alot of time with each table.

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    Ate there this past weekend. It was pretty good and my parents really liked it. It does spin, really slow. But we were on the upper level, so that you couldn't really see much.

    All the characters visited with us twice. We didn't even make it one whole turn around by the end of lunch.
    I did request that the bring the kids food platter (everything is served family style) as I am a picky eater and didn't like anything on the menu. The chicken fingers and mac'n'cheese was typical of every other place at WDW. They also brought me the kids desert - a decorate your own cupcake!

    But they sure didn't charge me the kids meal rate.
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    We went two Christmas's ago for the Candlelight Processional package. The food was pretty good, and it took us an hour and a half to make one rotation. Does anyone know how the waiters can keep track of their tables with the restaraunt rotating continuously? I know I would get confused.
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    We went Thanksgiving 2003. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it. The characters did spend a lot of time with us. I don't any idea of how they figure out where they are and where the tables are.

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    I have eatin there before it is very neat!! I dont recall the food but I do remember it rotating (which is cool) and the characters coming to the table. If I were you I would definately try it!!

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    It does spin but slow but enough to notice. But in the whole meal time, you don't get to see everything that you can see so walk around and see everything there (its really cool!) and there are characters

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