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Poll: Where to have a TS in Epcot?

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Dining Discuss Epcot: Where to eat for a Table Service Meal? in the Vacation Planning forums; We went to Teppanyaki at the begining of the month. It was so cool, i didnt even mind missing illuminations for it(sorta). It was just a different experience. And i ...
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    We went to Teppanyaki at the begining of the month. It was so cool, i didnt even mind missing illuminations for it(sorta). It was just a different experience. And i loved how the chef brought in the disney references considering where we were. My sister had been to others around and said that the volcanoes were horrible in other places but were "relike" here. And the ginger ice cream is good.
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    We have eaten at some of the one's mentioned (Rose & Crown, Teppenyaki, Le Celleir, San Angel, Coral Reef and Alfredo's). We usually like Teppenyaki to watch them prepare the food. I enjoyed the fish and chips at R&C and we have eaten twice in our last two visits at Le Celleir. Coral Reef is, as mentioned previously, expensive so I guess it depends on your taste.
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    I really enjoy Nine Dragons, which I think does not get the recognition it deserves. It has amazing Chinese food, along with a wonderful atmosphere and good service. It's also one of the cheaper Table Service restaurants at Epcot. They have the most amazing Orange Chicken I have ever had, yummy! I'm getting hungry just thinking about...
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    I've always loved Le Cellier! The food, the service, and the cool atmosphere are wonderful. Last time the service wasn't what I expected (it was really busy due to free Disney Dining.)

    We did have a great meal at Coral Reef. It's better if you have kids. My daughters loved sitting and watching the fish (and so did my wife and I.)

    The Garden Grill is one of the nicest character meals at WDW. It's not crowded or loud like Chef Mickeys and has most of the same characters.

    But, since I could only pick one, I choose Le Cellier.
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    For lunch, I voted for Coral Reef but my favorite, "The Garden Grill" wasn't listed. I consider it table service even though it's not from a menu and instead is a family style type thing.

    I think it really depends on what meal of the day you're talking about however because on every trip I have to go to L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante for dinner. The food is absolutely incredible there and is true Italian (not the sort of Olive Garden Americanized stuff).
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    I like Alfredo because that is just delicious, and it is way too much food. however, I've been to most of the other places and they are all good too, but I'm partial to pasta.
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    Italy at ALfredo's - Just try the Lasagne and then the desserts!!!!!!!!!

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    Le Celliar is amazing. Everything my family ordered was amazing, even the breadsicks.

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    Cool Not an easy decision!

    I voted for Le Cellier, we have always had great meals here. That being said, I really enjoy dining at the Beirgarten. I love the food and the show! If you plan to try the Beirgarten check for show times and try to an ADR for 15- 20 minutes before the show starts.

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    I'm an Alfredo's kind of guy. But really, anywhere at Epcot is great. Epcot has the best food in all of WDW in my opinion.
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