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Dining Discuss Favorite Dessert or Treat in the Vacation Planning forums; Churro.....and I also like churros. Sometimes, I like to have a churro. Other times, when I feel like something different, I like to go by the churro stand in Frontierland ...
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    Churro.....and I also like churros. Sometimes, I like to have a churro. Other times, when I feel like something different, I like to go by the churro stand in Frontierland and I get a churro. This one time.....okay I'll stop, I think you get the point.

    Oh, and I'm curious about something. Where does one get Dole Whip? I saw the recipe for it in the other thread and my mom makes something very similar, so I know I'll like it, but where does one find it?
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    When I was about 13 years younger and could pack away the food and not worry about calories and fat my favourite dinner was Chateaubriand at the Yachtsman then go to Beaches and Cream for a fudge mudslide - On my own!! Now I can hardly get through a fudge mudslide without help. Oh to be 21 again

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    My wife has people bring back her favorite, the Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Treats. But I can't figure out a way to have someone get my favorite, a Mickey Ice Cream Bar, back to Texas!

    Also, nobody mentioned fresh baked Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Main Street Bakery!
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    Whoever goes next, send me a hot Turkey Leg, a Pecos Bill burger with the works, a Doel Whip and some popcorn. I'll mail you a check. I promise.
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    I leave for FL on the 22nd...but I won't hit disney till the 28th....I'll try a dole whip in your honor and I'll try to bring the rest back....though the Popcorn is my fave, so theremay not be any less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKQJ10
    I'll mail you a check. I promise.
    Just bring it with you.

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    I have to have a Mickey bar every day when I'm at WDW to make up for when I'm not there.

    My daughter has to have a turkey leg.
    My son has to have a churro.
    My husband will eat it all.:mickey:
    I need to go to Disney World!!!!

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    I LOVE the Key Lime Pie at Flame Tree BBQ and the Grapefruit Cake at the Brown Derby (can you tell I like citrus?) but the dessert I skip dinner for is the Cable Car Sundae at Ghiardelli's Downtown.

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    My wife had a Cable Car at Ghiradelli's in San Fransisco when we were there in August. That sundae ruled!!! I had a Gold Rush. It is also HIGHLY recommended nextime you find yourself in a Ghiradelli's store!!!

    I didn't know there was a Ghiradelli's in DD until now. I'll definately be stopping next time I'm home!!!
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    Mickey Ice cream!!! yeah!!

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    My family and I always get desert at Boulangerie Patisserie in France at Epcot on our way out of the park. Haven't found anything there we did not like!
    - Jas (Rebecca)

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    Most definitely the Koko Puffs at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian. No, they're nothing like the kid's cereal.

    Almost every dessert in Kona is great!

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    The zebra domes at Boma are so yummy. And the Mickey bars are classic. (And yummy, too.)
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    Two favorites, Tonga Toast at Kona and the bread pudding at Cape May. These I look forward to every year. YUMMY! Wait, can't forget the funnel cakes in America at Epcot. Make a special trip from the Grand Floridian to Epcot at least twice in our stay and bring it back to our room. Then we can watch the fireworks and eat funnel cakes.

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    Grapefruit cake at Brown Derby is to die for! Rice Krispie Sushi from California Grill is awesome, but Mickey bars are a must have!!
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