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Dining Discuss REVIEW: Play and Dine (first day) in the Vacation Planning forums; REVIEW: Play and Dine First of all, Lou, a pin!! I missed out on a pin. You and Nathan got the Pin Bug in me and now I'm an avid ...
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    REVIEW: Play and Dine (first day)

    REVIEW: Play and Dine

    First of all, Lou, a pin!! I missed out on a pin. You and Nathan got the Pin Bug in me and now I'm an avid collector (spent too much on that last trip). I didn't want to take you away from your family for too long. I think my 2 year old son thinks your daughter is cute, he couldn't stop looking over. It was great to see you and talk a little bit. Still kicking myself over the pin.
    Anyways, here's my review of Play and Dine. It was awesome. Fun for the adults, AWESOME for the kids. Now, this was on our last day of our trip and our reservations were for 8:30. We showed up at the park around 7:50, and were the second table to be seated. We were surprised, but happy. We were also grateful to find out that we were able to use our Premium package at the new restaurant.
    On our way to the table, all the waiters and waitresses were waiving at us and thanking us for being there. It reminded me of walking into the Disneyland Park on July 17th, 2005, except not as huge of an event. There were also a lot of people just standing around and watching, most likely the big wigs.
    There were two people who were in charge of the entertainment aspect of the show. They were in charge of getting the crowd to sing and dance. They stopped at our table and asked if we knew the Playhouse Disney songs, and of course, we did. Happens when your child watches it every day. The two said great, and asked for our help to sing loud and dance hard when the time came.
    Soon after, JoJo (Conner pronounces it o-ho, same with Ojo from Bear) and Goliath made an appearance. Then Leo and June (dancey dancey dance dance) came out. It was clear this was the first time for them, because their "human" kept telling them where to go. Besides that little bit of confusion on where to go and when, the characters were awesome.
    About every 10 minutes, the CM's would group everybody together and have a sing along and dance. Conner really enjoyed this. The best part of this was that it gave the little ones a chance to stand, stretch their legs and play. Something that we constantly had problems with on the trip. We ate at the Italy pavilion, 20 minutes into the meal, Conner wanted to play. This buffet was designed to have the kids up and going every ten minutes, so there wasn't much complaining.
    Of course, the highlight for me was when Lou came in and sat down two tables down and I got to see the little princess from the second volume in person (just as cute, I may add). We all ate scrambled eggs, hash browns, Mickey waffles, yogurt, fruit, and I do believe there was an ice cream bar. They could probably add an omelet making area, if they want to make it perfect.
    People seemed to love the buffet. For the first day, they only had one side open, and it wasn't really that busy, which was nice. We got to relax, have fun, and of course take pictures. It was a lot more enjoyable than the Captain Jack show (first showing was extremely crowded and we were forced to leave early) or the ER visit (which was by Ambulance on the previous Friday). I'll try to get a trip report up on those issues (it was a 10 day trip, give me an OH YEAH). The buffet for Conner was five stars, and when your child is happy, your happy. Got to watch Conner dance with Jojo, which was also cool. I got to talk to Lou, even cooler.
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    This sounds great, maybe I can get to take my 2 little cousins to see it. Glad to hear that you and your kid were happy as well! Always a plus with little kids.

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