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Dining Discuss Most underated eaterie? in the Vacation Planning forums; Cantina San Angel in Mexico is often overlooked in favour of the table service resturant but I think it's excellent. The combo platter was really good value for money and ...
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    Cantina San Angel in Mexico is often overlooked in favour of the table service resturant but I think it's excellent. The combo platter was really good value for money and they do excellent Margharitas too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiminy Cricket View Post
    Cosmic Ray's in my favorite, but the Electric Umbrella in a close second.
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    Shhh....don't tell anyone because I want to keep it under wraps. But I think one of the most underrated stops is Trails End in Fort Wilderness. It's a buffet, but no characters. That said, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at incredible prices (probably one of the least expensive in Disney) and the ambiance is as relaxing as could be. There's also a small arcade attached and a playground across the street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koda View Post
    I like Pecos bill's.. u get all the great extra toppings and cheese for your french for free!! Yeah that right, I said free and Disney in the same context!
    I take back my previous statement, while visiting Disney over Christmas I found out in a just a couple of months time since my previous visit Disney has got rid of the free cheese for the fries! When I asked where the cheese was, a disney employee happily told me I could purchase it at the counter! They still have the extra toppings... but who knows for how much longer... GEEZ!!!! Pecos Bills is no longer a favorite underated restaurant!

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    The Bratwurst stand in the German Pavilion.....those are filling enough to be a meal but theres never a line when Im there
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    I also love cosmic rays....and I never miss 50's prime time cafe, if I can manage!
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    I love Flying Fish Cafe at the Boardwalk Resort. It is really expensive but the food is worth it because it is soo delicious.

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    For quick service, the Colombia Harbor House in Liberty Square is the best, at least I think. As far as table service goes, I am not sure. I think the Plaza is great, yet underrated.
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    Another CS that I like is the Backlot Express at MGM. I like the food, but appreciate the fun atmosphere more than anything. Good times, to be sure.
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    The little place across from Pirates of the Caribean that serves tacos...maybe its just a "me" thing, but whenever we go, we HAVE to eat there. It seems to be usually closed though...but it really gets you into the feeling of adventureland, and especially being in the caribean area...with the low ceiling, open rooms and cool brown tiles.

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    The Plaza Restaurant in the MK. No one ever mentions it and we usually eat there at least once every trip. This is a great place to dine, especially during the summer when it's so hot!

    The food is good, the service is great and we like the menu choices. Plus, they have great shakes! Everybody thinks the only place you can get good shakes is at 50's Prime Time Cafe - not true!

    We have the DDE card and find that what we spend on a meal at The Plaza is equivalent to what we'd spend at a counter service location without it.

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    I'm gonna hafta second that I think the Plaza restaurant is underrated. we went there and the food was great and we had ice cream as an appetizer AND a dessert! they don't have "characters" like Mickey or Goofy but the Mayor of Main Street and townspeople frequently make appearances in there (I had a long extensive conversation with the mayor about marriage while my wife had one with one of the lady townspeople on the same subject), which is even more fun and makes the place that much more unique.

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    tonys townsquare...nuff said
    Iv been ON space mountain when the lights were on!!! not in line...i was ON THE RIDE!!! I know your jealous...

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    Quick and fun Cosmic Rays never fails but my fave for a steak although expensive is Shulas at the Dolphin,

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    Hmmm... too many over looked ones..lets go to each park..

    MK--Cosmic Rays (like evryone else), Harbor House (great clam chowder), Pecos Bill, Bakery on Main street, Ponochio's restaurant thing

    Epcot-- The Land

    MGM-- The ABC restaurant ( I think its called the ABC Commissionary), 50's prime time (mostly for the entertainment), the bakery down hollywood blvd is great

    AK-- Flame tree!!
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