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Dining Discuss Dole Whips go up in price in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by Tinker Bell <--Staring at Gae's avatar and drooling. Since there is drool on this one- you can have it. I'll get a fresh one....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinker Bell View Post

    <--Staring at Gae's avatar and drooling.
    Since there is drool on this one- you can have it. I'll get a fresh one.

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    Hey, while you are getting a fresh one, could you get me one as well? But I'd like mine in a float please.

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    I got a Dole Whip Float on Oct. 1 - pretty sure it was listed at $3.99 then and I used a snack credit to pay for it. Not 100% positive it was already $3.99, but definitely used the snack credit.
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    Ugh I can't have one until MAY!


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    I'll beat you by a month, MJSuperHeroTeam, but it will still cost me 4.99 + tax. And those of you who are willing to pay whatever for a dole whip...STOP announcing that or we'll be looking at $6.00 before you know it!
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    They went up in price and the cup got smaller.

    Dole whips are $2.69 at the Polynesian’s Captain Cook’s snack Co. and it is not only in a larger cup but it is self serve so you can pile it as high as you can get it!!!

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    WHAT!!!!!!!! Disney going up on prices? They wouldn't dare! LOL! Guess Dole Whips will be the full service meal on the dining plan.

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