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Poll: Which Disney Villain Is More Evil?

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Disney Characters Discuss Which Disney Villain Is More Evil? in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Out of those two I think the evil stepmother is more evil but my least favorite and most evil villian of all time is frollo, he is just so evil, ...
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    Out of those two I think the evil stepmother is more evil but my least favorite and most evil villian of all time is frollo, he is just so evil, there is no good in him whatsoever and hes creepy.
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    I voted for Maleficent. as far as I know, she is the devil herself... or at least backed by the powers of darkness. she is also the self-proclaimed "Mistress of all evil!" (emphasis mine). seems to me like if she is the mistress of all evil, that Lady Tremain may have to answer to her (Maleficent) not vice-versa.

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    What about Queen of Hearts... didn't she want to cut everyone's head off!!!!????????

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    I have to agree with Nicks10 and say that the Evil Queen is by far the most evil of the villians.

    But for this poll I chose Maleficent, she isn't one of those girls who is more attractive when she is angry!! :maleficent:

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    Nothing worse than an evil stepmother......
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    has anyone seen Fantasmic? If not, i'm implying that Malificent it worse. I mean, a stepmother may be evil, but she doesn't have magical powers. Can she turn into a dragon? I don't think so (and I'm sure Cinderella is happy with that!)
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    Out of the two choices in the poll, it would definitly have to be Maleficent. But, I think the meanet villian would have to be Jafar. He's got a bad attitude, especially at the parks! haha

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    Maleficent beats Lady Tremain

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    hmm i guess the villain that i dont like is cruella de ville, cause i love puppies to much to see them turned into fur

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    I love Hades and Scar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1They own all!

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    i was only consdiering cinderella one because i hate that they make sequels to classic its so cheap! but ya malificient is by far worse at least lady tremine didnt want to kill cinderella. but as far as the most eveil villain that is hard maybe scar because he had no problem killing family...although scar is really claudias from hamlet

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    Of the two listed, it's Maleficent all the way...but I have to say Her Majesty Queen Grimhilde gets my vote as the worst of the worst.
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    maleficent is so evil !!!! I mean who would want to kill aurora!
    at least cinderellas step mother did not want to kill her!!!

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    Malificent is soo much more evil, I love to hate her

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    Malificent is just evil to the core. I mean c'mon, if you're that bitter over not getting an invitation to a celebration and in turn want to KILL someone... well thats just horrid.
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