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Disney Characters Discuss Top 5 Favourite Disney Songs. in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; What are your top five favourite disney songs? Here's mine: 1. He's A Pirate- POTC 2. Hoist the Colours-POTC 3. Be Our Guest-Beauty and the Beast 4. Prince Ali-Aladdin 5. ...
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    Top 5 Favourite Disney Songs.

    What are your top five favourite disney songs?

    Here's mine:

    1. He's A Pirate- POTC
    2. Hoist the Colours-POTC
    3. Be Our Guest-Beauty and the Beast
    4. Prince Ali-Aladdin
    5. Trashin The Camp-Tarzan

    Let me know what songs are your favourite.

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    Hmmmm, only 5?

    1. Be Our Guest-Beauty and the Beast
    2. All in the Golden Afternoon-Alice in Wonderland
    3. Zero to Hero-Hercules
    4. The Kraken-POTC 2
    5. Up is Down-POTC 2
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    I have dozens, but can you guess what my all-time favorite is? When You Wish Upon a Star
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    1.When you wish upon a Star............PINOCCHIO
    2.Circle of Life.................................LION KING
    3.Can you feel the love tonight......LION KING
    4.Beauty & the Beast.............................BEAUTY & THE BEAST
    5.A Whole new World............................ALADDIN

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    "A Whole New World"
    "I'll Make a Man Out of You"
    "Golden Dreams"
    "One Little Spark"
    "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)"

    (Honorable mention to the never ending organ selection in the Swiss Family Robinson's Treehouse, but it's not all that much of a song, per se.)

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    When you wish upon a star
    Part of your world
    A whole new world
    A dream is a wish your heart makes
    Circle of life

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    1. Part of Your World
    2. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
    3. A Whole New World
    4. Beauty and the Beast
    5. Reflection
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    1. Part of Your World - Little Mermaid
    2. A whole new world - Aladin
    3. Reflection - Mulan
    4. Circle of Life - Lion King
    5. Two Worlds - Tarzan

    I have a lot more than that!

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    I want to be like you Jungle Book
    Zero to Hero Hercules
    Under the Sea The Little Mermaid
    Circle of Life Lion King
    We can fly Peter Pan

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    my 5 fav songs are

    1. a whole new world-alladin
    2. can you fell the love-lion king
    3. be our guest-beauty and the beast
    4. the cirle of life- lion king
    5. cant wait to be king-lion king

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    You're seriously making me pick FIVE Disney songs... yikes! OK, here we go:

    1. When You Wish Upon A Star - Pinocchino
    2. A Dream Is a Wish You're Heart Makes - Cinderella
    3. Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid
    4. Belle - Beauty and the Beast
    5. Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty
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    Hello guys, My favorite top5 disney songs are:
    Part of Your World
    Beauty and the Beast
    One Little Spark
    Up is Down-POTC 2
    Prince Ali-Aladdin

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    1. Beauty and the Beast
    2. Circle of Life
    3. Hakuna Matata
    4. You'll Be In My Heart
    5. Friend Like Me

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    Tough call. I could probably add 5 more to this list without much trouble.

    1. Once Upon A Dream - Sleeping Beauty
    2. Baby Mine - Dumbo
    3. Hawaiian Roller Coastr - Lilo and Stitch
    4. A Whole New World - Aladdin
    5. Part of Your World - Little Mermaid
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    My favorite 5 are:

    Hakuna Matata-The Lion King
    A Star is Born-Hercules
    I Just Can't Wait to Be King-The Lion King
    Part of Your World-The Little Mermaid
    A Whole New World-Aladdin

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