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Disney Characters Discuss how did you find/pick/figure out your favorite? in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Um, let's see. It would be obvious if I said Pinock and gang, but in reality it has to be the original gang in black and white cartoons, but I ...
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    Um, let's see. It would be obvious if I said Pinock and gang, but in reality it has to be the original gang in black and white cartoons, but I am torn between Pluto and Goofy. I really liked Pluto's little brother KB, but he didn't last.
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    From when i was 4 i picked out Daisy Duck just because from the cartoons i saw she had a lot of character and she was not a duck to be messed with! She had the attitude!

    And Alice in Wonderland was soon to follow as the girl didn't need a prince to save her at the end-a modern day girl which i liked-she knew what she wanted, went on an adventure to figure out where the rabbit was going and she had a few temper tantrums along the way!

    Similarly with Tinkerbell-the girl has style and attitude-you could tell what she was thinking just from her actions!

    Am i being too greedy with 3??

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    When I was little I really never had one I liked more than the other I just like them all.But When the Little Mermaid came out in 89' I was hooked. I always felt really connected to that character because one that's the year I graduated from high school and 2 I just had got certify for the first time to be a lifeguard that year and my family always call me the water babyof the family. Then when Aladdin came out it was Princess Jasmine because I'm like her in a lot of ways she take no **** espically form the guys and the fact she had a tiger for a pet come on what kid wouldn't want a tiger for a pet.Then my pal Stitch came out and that's all she wrote he is so funny and bad at the same time how can you not love him.So I have to say that these guys are my fave.


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    I think Mickey of course is my favorite, but next to him Goofy is right there with him mainly due to the fact he is as good at sports as I am.

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    I have always liked Goofy, it probably goes back to my family calling me Goofy when I was growing up. I don't take things too seriously and always make light of tense moments.

    I also have a thing for Peter Pan. Like him, I have never grown up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddBreakey
    I also have a thing for Peter Pan. Like him, I have never grown up.
    My sentiment exactly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumpyDude
    i'm curious, because i've been watching my daughter and i could swear at 7 months old she's gravitating to Tigger.
    i wouldn't be surprised if she does gravitate towards him. i met figment when i was 1 and haven't forgotten. sure i chose other "favorites" because no one i grew up with knew who figment was when i responded but i picked him out at the park pointing and pulling until i got to see him and if there is a figment around i'll gravitate right to it.

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    I don't know if this counts as a "Disney" character, per se, but I definitely identify the most with Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. one of my friends told me once, "If you can't relate with Jack Skellington, who can you relate to?" so I think lots of people would probly say the same thing.

    If you mean classic Disney characters, I guess I like Donald Duck the best. he has his own Orange Juice and he's high strung like me sometimes. he also is the type who can dish it out, but hates it when the tables are turned on him. regrettably, I can say I am like that sometimes......

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    Oh, where to start.

    My dad always called me Tweedle Dee-my brothers called me Tweedle Dum of course! but I never really liked Alice in wonderland.

    I liked Dopey for quite some time. he was so sweet and s imple and he puts a smile on your face. I like the whole Snow White movie because of how amazingly it was made. Truly amazing considering the technology. So Dopey again but Grumpy began to grow on me.

    For a while in college, I gravitated to Tigger because he was bouncy and a free spirit. T- I - Double GE-R is just too funny.

    So each has a special place in my heart for different reasons.

    I know, pretty wishy-washy, but I am just impressed with most Disney things anyway.

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    My all time favorite has to be the one and only Donald Duck. How can you not like him from his good looks to his excellent When i was younger, i used to get teased alot being called Donald Duck(btw my names is Donald), and i really didnt like it. THen i thought about it, he makes people laugh and hes got lots of Disney he's my favorite and will always be. I was like alittle kid when i got to see him at the parks and got my picture for a lasting memory.

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    Can ya guess what mine is? Well, it's Minnie! I just for my first two or three halloweens, I dressed up as minnie. I'm mostly like Minnie too. Well, gotta go ride out the hurricane!!!
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    I'd have to say that my first favourite character would be Tinkerbell.
    Every birthday my mom would ask me what I wanted, but then she would interupt herself and say: Let me guess ; Tinkerbell stuff right?
    Tink always had this charm about her that I couldnt resist.

    But now, after I saw the first POTC, I was in love. I just wanted everything Pirates. Then the second movie came out, and again I was in LOVE.
    Those pirates may be rascally, but they sure a bucketload of fun!
    Now, my true obsession is POTC.

    I also saw High School Musical, and I thought I was going to die with excitement. I loved it so much. Well that obsession ended sooner than it had begun.
    I was over it because it just kept getting overplayed on family, and I was getting annoyed with it.

    Well, I think that's it.
    High School Musical 2
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    I love being in the water - the sea, bath, hot tub, pool, whatever. As I can spend up to a hour a day just in the bath, my mum suggested that maybe I was a mermaid! Then I saw the film, and it just grew from there.

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    I've always been a big Pooh fan because of how he just "is", no bother no hidden agendas, he happily goes through life has an adventure or two and carries on. I. also a big fan of Sully from Monsters Inc. Big burly guy with a heart of gold. My wife is a Huge Dumbo fan, she loves elephants and he is her hands down favorite character. She also like the Evil Queen, never copuld quite figure that one out. Of course everyone loves Mickey.

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    Re: how did you find/pick/figure out your favorite?

    Ariel is my favorite firstly because The Little Mermaid is the first Disney movie I remember watching so it holds a special place in my heart. Secondly I've been fascinated with mermaids ever since my Navy days.

    I was a sonar tech so I'd sit there and listen to sounds in the ocean trying to hear a submarine. On 2 occasions I heard something that sounded like a woman singing.
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