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Disney Characters Discuss how did you find/pick/figure out your favorite? in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; i'm curious, because i've been watching my daughter and i could swear at 7 months old she's gravitating to Tigger. my wife is a huge Piglet fan, so naturally we ...
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    avoiding "The Man's" infractions. can't keep a brotha' down!

    how did you find/pick/figure out your favorite?

    i'm curious, because i've been watching my daughter and i could swear at 7 months old she's gravitating to Tigger.

    my wife is a huge Piglet fan, so naturally we have a lot of Winnie the Pooh type stuff. we naturally figured that the lil' one was going to gravitate to one of those characters just due to the abundance of stimuli around her. before she was born, a lot of the items people had bought for her (it at the time since we didn't know gender) was Winnie. but, i've been told at her daycare, there is one Tigger plush toy that she adores and spends a lot of time with.

    makes you wonder when it all really starts.

    i hadn't been a big fan of Disney until recently. one point in college there was a discussion between some girls over who resembled what Pooh character. they didn't have a Rabbit, and all decided that i fit perfectly. it was my wife, while at Disney, who asked and engaged in a conversation of who my character was. after i said i didn't really have one, she immediately said that i was without a doubt a Grumpy.

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    My favorite depends on the day and how I'm feeling but, they're all Aladdin related.

    - Why do I like Aladdin (as a whole - movies, series, etc.) so much? I find it hilarious - anything Aladdin still makes me laugh even after I've seen it a million times. I also can relate to many of the characters in Aladdin.

    - Why do I like Aladdin (the character)? I think he's one of the most "human" characters that Disney - he shows many emotions, messes up, gets confused, etc. The way that Aladdin says the wrong thing at the wrong time - happens to me too. I actually didn't realize how much I think like Aladdin until I role played him in a game and unintentionally got myself into a couple of scrapes with the other characters. And it doesn't hurt that he's cute too.

    - Why do I like Jasmine? Part of our bonding stems from the fact that I look more like her than any other Disney heroine. I admire her strength - she is her own woman and doesn't listen to what others tell her to do. I relate to that as well as her desire for freedom.

    - And what is up with Iago? Honestly, I have no idea. I never hated Iago, but I never really thought too much about him before until more recently. I belong to an Aladdin message board and my two best friends on there are Iago fanatics and - they're rubbing off on me, I guess. A lot of it is that he just makes me laugh.

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    My favorite character is and always has been Minnie Mouse . Why? I don't have any earthly idea, but when we were at Disney with my children, I became more excited about meeting Minnie than my kids did. They looked at me like I was crazy or something. I don't understand how anyone at any age can't get excited about meeting the "woman" behind the mouse.

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    I liked Wendy as an early, modern day heroine in Peter Pan.

    I also love Ariel from the little Mermaid because I could relate to her "story"-(Not living in the sea, but wanted to venture elsewhere)

    And I like the stories of Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Cinderella-I just think so many Disney movies are well-written and plot driven.

    But I am partial to all that is Winnie the Pooh-loved him since I was little, and now my oldest child does as well. I can't explain it, but hey, what's not to love?!?!?
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    Gosh... I don't think I can pick out any one favorite. I usually have one favorite from each movie. I was going to say it's usually the one that does the most to make me laugh, for example, Genie in Aladin, or Dory in Finding Nemo. But now I'm finding it difficult to find another example, so I guess funny along can't be my deciding factor. I know I tend to like a few of the female characters just because I thought they were cute , and certain other ones because of various unique abilities they have, like Sebastian in The Little Mermaid... I've always been big into music, and the fact that he can conjur up an orchestra out of fellow sea-creatures in the blink of an eye fascinates me. Yet Piglet is my favorite Pooh character, and I don't really know why, other than being adorable. I like all the pooh characters, but none quite as much as Piglet.

    I could go through the list and pick out all my favorites from all the moveis, and probably not be able to draw a connection between any of them. I guess it's all relative to me. Genie is funniest, Sebastian is the most talented, Piglet is the most huggable... but as for one single favorite, I can't claim to have one. Well, I guess in this instance, the best thing to do is just favor the boss, right... The big cheese? How about Mickey! After all, it all started with a mouse!
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    Peter Pan has to be one of my favorite characters. He is truly a timeless classic.

    There's something about the book that never wants to grow up that appeals to me, as I often find myself feeeling (and acting) the same way. The innocence of childhood is often lost in adults who lose sight of what's really important in the world.

    Plus, he can fly, which is pretty cool, too!

    Other faves:

    Maleficent (love the outfit)
    Dory (hysterical.. nice Job, Ellen)
    Pinocchio (back to the whole little boy thing)
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    Fantasmic Mickey has always been my favorite since the first time I saw the cartoon....I think that we all have a little bit of him inside...
    Second star to the right....straight on till morning!!!:mickey:

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    My 2 favorite characters are Dopey and Eeyore! I always loved Dopey all growing up cause he was very silly and I was a silly kid. I use to trip over my feet and fall up the stairs and stuff like that, and as I grew, I found myself more like Eeyore, glooming through my teenage yrs and every never works out for me, so Eeyore kinda grew on me, cause what will be will be!
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    I don't know why disney and star trek are my favorites, I think its because my parents introduced them to me at an early age. My mother and father have pics of me when I was four holding Mickey and wearing a mickey ears hat.

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    STITCH..... He's just like me.... A lot of trouble in a little package.. BUT my hair is blonde not blue... And I only have 2 arms..... And I really don't like Elvis All that much...And I can't surf... well you get the point

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    As you might've guessed Snow White is my favorite, ever since I was a little girl. When I went to DL for the 1st time when I was 4, my mother bought me a Snow White dress, put a ribbon in my short dark hair and presto, that was all it took! There is just something pure and unselfish about her. And she was the 1st Princess!

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    I think I too, have a favourite from each movie but not one favourite overall. Except for Mickey. He is the symbol of all things Disney and as Don said "It all started with a mouse"

    My DD8 has gone through different characters as she has got older, but it has always been a princess. Belle was her first favourite. She has also, strangly been drawn towards the villians. Her first purchase on her first WDW trip was a Malificent doll.

    My DD2 loves Minnie Mouse and Ariel. She watches the Beach Sing a Long and has always loved Ariel singing Part of Your World. Her highlight was meeting Ariel this past October.

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    When i was little i watched Beauty and the Beast everyday until i was four or five. My favorite is still Belle and probably always will be!

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    my favorite has always been Mickey:mickey: ever since I was a little girl I always had a strong attachment to him. The first time I went to WDW I was 14 years old and when I saw Mickey come out dancing at the show at Cinderellas castle I cried. I dont know why, I guess i was so over joyed to really be there. I havent stopped going since:mickey:
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