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Poll: What is your favorite princess?

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Disney Characters Discuss Favorite Princess in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Oh my goodness! I love Belle. I love the movie (seen probably a million times) the musical (seen the stage show @ WDW and the broadway musical twice) and I ...
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    Oh my goodness! I love Belle. I love the movie (seen probably a million times) the musical (seen the stage show @ WDW and the broadway musical twice) and I listen to the soundtrack of the movie and the musical all the time. She's just a timeless favorite, and she get's the sweetest guy in the end. He has the best heart of them all...although, Prince Charming is the ideal 'prince', he has the best heart.

    Ariel and Jasmie come in at a tie for second...I love their songs in the movies!!!

    And, where is Mulan on this princess list? Had she been on the list, she would've been part of a three way tie for second!
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    Snow White - How can you not love someone who rolls with a crew of 7!!! haha
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    Cinderella hands down - she is demure, stoic, and very much a lady...and she proves that you don't have to be uppity or rebellious in order to be a hero

    When I was in college my roomates and went as princesses for a halloween party and i got to be cindy( being that i am blond and blue and all) - after that any gft from them was always cindy related so now i have a whole shelf of cinderella figurines!

    I also love Belle, Aurora, and Ariel..Jasmine - not so much
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    Ariel's my favourite
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    I like ariel cause she is fine

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    Aurora gets my vote- when I met her three years ago I acted like a 5-year old instead of a 46-year old. I was soooo excited to have my picture taken with her. And she was so nice to me- I had a "private" audience with her for about 10 minutes before anyone else knew she was in France. It was awesome!
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    Cinderella has my vote. She shares the same birthday as my mom.
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    i would have to go with jasmine she is a beautiful singer

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    I would have to say Belle, she is just so beautiful and regal. Close second is Jasmine she is just so adventurous and is not your normal princess. Third is Ariel, when I was younger my favorite movie was the Little Mermaid.

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    Belle is my favorite!
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    Aurora and Bell are right up there for me! I love Aurora and when I went to the character breakfast in Norway (because the Cinderella Castle was filled) I saw Aurora.. and I have about 10 pictures with her.. I think she is SOO pretty!!
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    Ariel, she's been my fav since I was 2

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    Well these girls are quite a bit younger than me so I'll try not to sound like a dirty old man.

    Jasmine is the prettiest in every way.

    Areil is a little baby doll.

    Aurora is beautiful.

    Of course Minnie is the best of the best
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    I love Belle!!!

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    It was a choice for me between Belle, Jasmine and Ariel and I believe Ariel just about pipped it as she has a great voice, she can vanquish evil sea witches and has a great smile

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