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Disney Characters Discuss What a suprise... Another Villians Thread!! in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; LOL!!! I know these are probably getting annoying, and I can understand. But aren't villians just so fasinating! I mean they are a great deal of what makes the heroes ...
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    Unhappy What a suprise... Another Villians Thread!!

    LOL!!! I know these are probably getting annoying, and I can understand. But aren't villians just so fasinating! I mean they are a great deal of what makes the heroes so wonderful!!! Now I checked around to see if my shout-out question wasn't a repeat and so I figured I give this a shot... okay?

    Who (or What) is the scariest Disney villian to you?

    I'm talking all kinds of fright! Whether you just have to shut your eyes when they are on the screen or you tense up when you just gaze at they vile nastiness. The villian that has plauged my nightmares ever since I was a little kid has always been... the old hag from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'! Seriously it was just the way she talked, looked, her attitude toward Snow White when she mentioned her with loathing, and her BUG eyes didn't help the matter either! AND WHEN SHE STARES AT THE AUDIENCE MULTIPLE TIMES! <closes eyes and shivers in fear> Lets just say it was more chills than thrills when I ride Snow Whites Scary Adventure! lol

    It's strange cause for years I have tried to avoid watching the movie at all when growing up cause I just didn't want to face the wicked queen's disguise! And up til only a few years ago I played the movie at my own accord and watching it through, I have learned that it is the QUEEN that gives me more chills than the old hag!! Don't get me wrong, my heart is racing when I see her and looking at me! LOL But the coldness in the Queen's voice and dead hateful look she gives the huntsman to kill Snow White... She is the new terror that I shiver to now! Even the transformation scene is so wickedly intense... Face it, SNOW WHITE IS AWESOME MOVIE OF IT'S TIME AND FOR THE AGES!

    There have been other villians that I should give honorable mentions to... the Coachman from Pinocchio (when he is explaining his plans to 'Honest' Jon and Gidieon.) Lady Tremaine from Cinderella (when she stalkingly follows Cinderella up to her room then shows up in her mirror to lock the door. Creep factor HIGH!) And Madame Medusa from The Rescuers, (just the way they designed and animated her I suppose.)

    How about anyone else? Who is your nightmare, and why? ^_^
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    Re: What a suprise... Another Villians Thread!!

    I don't really have one, although the Evil Queen scared my DD for years.

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    Re: What a suprise... Another Villians Thread!!

    The opening sequence of Pete's Dragon creeped me out when I was a child. The Gogans were freaky people back then!
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