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Disney Characters Discuss Rides with Characters in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I have an eight year old little girl who just can't wait for our trip to WDW in October. We were watching the planning video and she wanted to know ...
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    Question Rides with Characters

    I have an eight year old little girl who just can't wait for our trip to WDW in October. We were watching the planning video and she wanted to know how she could get on a ride with a character (I think they show Snow White on a ride with kids) I told her that it was just done for the making of the video. Does anyone know of this happening though? or is the planning video just leading poor little kids to belive this is possible.

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    You know, that's an interesting question.

    My first reaction is that the characters cannot ride an attraction with guests for a variety of reasons, which include safety, accessibility, etc. Not to mention the fact that if one kid is seen riding with Jasmine for example, (my personal choice), the 5,000 other kids will want to ride with that character, too. Now you have a pint-sized riot on your hands (not including the irate parents who wnat to know why the heck you think "YOUR kid is better than MY kid", etc.)

    Maybe Disney shouldn't show that in the video...
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    I have a fun experience from DLP to share!

    The Character Meet & Greet area in Fantasyland is not far away from Lancelot's Carrusell, and on my first visit the characters rode the carusell to everyone's amusement!

    But that's also the only time I've see characters on a ride!

    At Walt Disney Studios Aladdin walked around the Magic Carpet's area and was standing near the loading gate for a quick greet before you boarded your carpet!
    Somehow Disney manage to have the flow constant on the ride. No congestion or "hogging" of the character...

    I am sorry to inform (Lou) that Jasmine was not there...
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    I'm not sure about this, but I've heard that if you do the Keys to the Kingdom tour in MK, and you've got a lively group, the character you meet at the end of the tour might go on a ride with the tour group. They supposedly let the youngest kid pick whatever ride they want everybody to go on. I don't think this is an everyday occurance, but at least you might have a chance of riding an attraction with a character!

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    I have heard of characters riding with kids. The trick is to be the FIRST kid on a particular ride, especially in Fantasyland, on a NON early entry day. I have heard of Pooh characters on Pooh, Goofy on Barnstormer (Toon Town, not Fantasyland), Cinderella on the Carousel, etc., etc.

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    Kids only?.....I want to ride with Roger Rabbit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by limegreenmonora
    I'm not sure about this, but I've heard that if you do the Keys to the Kingdom tour in MK, and you've got a lively group, the character you meet at the end of the tour might go on a ride with the tour group....
    In '03, my family and a couple of friends did the Family Magic Tour at the Magic Kingdom (we saved the Kingdom from the villains by solving the riddles in the clue book...what incredible fun! Imagine walking across the square of Main Street, barking like a dog, looking for two paw-prints in a heart. That's the kinda stuff we got to do all THROUGH the MK!), and at the end of the tour we got to meet Peter Pan. As a reward for saving the MK, Peter led us (hopping, skipping, and twirling around in a great parade through Liberty Square) to the EXIT of Small World. We proceeded to go DOWN the exit ramp, and took over the next TWO boats! Peter road along, and we have a great picture of him sitting next to our son, pointing out a particular detail in the ride. What a great time that was! And while I'm here, tip of the cap to CM Marion for making the adventure so grand! I highly HIGHLY recommend this tour that turns into an excellent scavenger hunt!

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    I rode Star Tours with Chewbacca once by chance. It was in the middle of a normal operating day. And me without my camera...
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    We also did the Family Scavenger Hunt in the Magic Kingdom a few years ago.

    At the end of the hunt, we posed for photos in Liberty Square behind the Holiday Shoppe. After that, Aladdin, Peter Pan and our tour guide led us over to IASW where Aladdin and Peter Pan rode with all of us on the tour. Guests were following us the whole way over there - it was a mob scene. The people dining in Pinocchio's Village Haus were all standing in the window waving at our boat.

    Our kids STILL talk about that event!

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    That sounds like it was a lot of fun! I can picture the mob. "Mommy, why can't I ride with Aladdin?"
    - Jas (Rebecca)

    I got engaged at Epcot on June 17, 2007! We're going back to celebrate my graduation in May 2009!

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    When my sister and I (OK, Goofy rode in the car with her, but I was right behind them!), we were the first ones in Toontown, so Goofy came running up and picked up my sister. He brought her over to the Barnstormer, and they rode on it together - so yes, it is possible!

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    mickey and minnie are ALWAYS first on Dumbo

    ask at guest relations
    Hakuna Matata

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    The mad hatter was on the tea cups when we were on one time. Although he didn't ride in our cup. It's still cool to watch the home video and see him go by. I believe he had just been signing autographs before he jumped on.

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    that's so they ride with big "kids?"

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    The Barnstormer Goofy ride-time was done every once in awhile when I was a character. They called it a "Magical Moment." I also know a Goofy who went on Dinosaur, and he got in a little bit of trouble.
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