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  • Zack

    2 28.57%
  • Cody

    2 28.57%
  • Maddie

    2 28.57%
  • London

    0 0%
  • Mr.M

    1 14.29%
  • Carey (i think thats spelled right)

    0 0%
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Disney Characters Discuss What's your favorite character on the Suite Life? in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; well i like merial haha she makes me laff and she is soo lazy !!!...
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    well i like merial haha she makes me laff and she is soo lazy !!!

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    I think she left the show
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    I like Cody although the poll was closed before i could vote

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    I love London! She's hysterical! She brings a great ditzy-hotel-heiress comedic bit into the show. I love how it, in a way, mocks Paris Hilton...she's not on my list of favorite celebrities. London makes the show great, although, I love all of the characters
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    I like Corrie, the occasional character only seen in a few episodes and played by Vanessa Hudgens, but that's only because I think Vanessa is incredibly pretty.

    But putting that shallow sort of image stuff aside, I'd have to say that I love this show because of its character variety. There's such a broad range of character types. There is something everyone can enjoy, and their broad spectum of personalities and the way they mesh/clash is exactly what makes this show so entertaining. I think if I were to pick an absolute favorite character however, it would have to be Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De LaRosa Ramirez (yes, I have his full character name memorized... I know, I'm a dork, but I don't watch too much TV other than Disney Channel and the local news). Esteban is hilarious, and the way he always dreams of achieving his greatest ambition - owning and operating the hotel under his own name, Hotel Esteban, and making London run around taking orders from him for a change... he's just great. Not to mention he is a fantastic dancer. And on top of all that, he has Dudley, his pet chicken, which just adds the finishing touch to Esteban's outragously funny character. Probably my favorite episode with Esteban had to be the bowling episode (it was on last nigth actually), where he gets hit on by that gigantic beast of a woman from the St. Marks hotel, Gretl. "Oh no - Now she is taking me back to her cave!" I love that line.
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    I like Cody best.
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