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Disney Characters Discuss What was Disney thinking?? in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I am thinking either she was the original Tink or maybe someone during the YOMD? Maybe that was her prize? But yes she is not what I envisioned of Tink.....
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    I am thinking either she was the original Tink or maybe someone during the YOMD? Maybe that was her prize? But yes she is not what I envisioned of Tink..
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    I think that's the opening float for the Parade of Dreams in Disneyland, No?

    The Tinkerbell was saw in that parade was a better fit for the role. She had a tiny pixie-ish look about her.

    Also, this Tinkerbell seems to have the sun in her eyes and she is squinting. I've never seen anyone look good with that squinty look on their face. I don't consider myself to be a knock out, just average looks, but I am completely unphotogenic as well, which really kills any ego I may have. People always say you look nothing like you do in pictures. Not sure whether that's a complement or an insult most of the time.

    So, maybe this Tink is also afflicted with poor camera presence.
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    Can we please close this thread as we are not being very "Disney-like" with some of the comments that have been posted
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    HMMM...speaking my mind here and if I get deleted, or whatever, fine...I am having a bad day anyway so at this point I am being outspoken.

    I dont think that the comments on this thread were made to be cruel to the young(?) lady portraying Tink in the pictue/parade (which I also think is the DL one btw).
    Most of them were made in jest and not aimed directly at her.
    I think they were made more for the fact that Disney did not make a good decision in choosing who they DID pick to portray a fairie. Most of us have a mindset that fairies and a popular character like Tink are petite, and dainty, and very young looking. I am not being rude to this lady, but the fact is ---she is not any of those, photogenic abilities or not. I am not the most photogenic too so I do sympathize.

    Also The costume does not look neat and precise like we expect Disney costumes to look, so that also makes the character look bad. The fact remains that this woman was a badly cast in the role enuf so that a small child did not recognize her.

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    Well said Vix!

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    Quote Originally Posted by the7thAve View Post
    I've never seen a picture of the woman who was the model for the original Tinkerbell (though she is going on a cruise with Lou, apparently), but maybe this is her.

    either way, I hope whoever this poor woman is, she isn't reading this thread...

    The woman in the photograph is not Margaret Kerry, the original Tinker Bell.

    As far as the tone that has been developing within the thread, I don't particularly like it and I would have to hope the cast member in question doesn't read the thread.

    I do however respect the right of the members to discuss thier thoughts on Disney's choices of who is portraying the charecter shown.

    We are not a Police State here at DWT and I will allow the thread to remain open as long as any furture comments do not get out of hand.

    Thank you all for your consideration.

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    well, just to clarify, being as my post is the one quoted above, I never said that people shouldn't have the right to, ahem, "discuss" this woman. but everyone can see what I said, since it's on this thread twice now.

    didn't think I was gonna rile up the natives with that one is all...

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    i truly am sorry i started this thread to all who r unhappy. again, sorry.
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    The tink I saw at Disneyland when I was there was frightening... she was a twig and REALLY tan. Although that does look like a Grandma...
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    WEll it could be worse....It could be a guy with a wig and an unshaved face in stockings...
    Just think on the bright side, she is smiling and very optimistic! Probably made somethings day

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    Hey, I don't think she looks that old. Everybody has a bad day once in a while. She is squinting and turning her head too makes her chin look a little doubled. Give her a break she made someones day - they even had a photo to prove it. My daughter stil gushed as soon as she saw the photo - "There's Tink oh Mum I wish I could go there again to see her"!
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    Ummmmmm, yea. She made someones day.
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    I thinking Tinkerbell called in sick at the last minute that day and the character department frantically tried to find the only tiny, short woman that could fit in the costume, regardless of what her face looked like !

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    Yikes, yikes, yikes!!!
    Should Tinker Bell be the same size as the other characters??? She should be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!!! Bad, bad, bad!!!

    Way to go Cardinals!!!
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