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Disney Cruise Line Discuss Any tricks of the trade for seasickness? in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I went on a disney cruise in 03 and we had no problems until the last night on board there was a storm right ontop of us and the ship ...
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    I went on a disney cruise in 03 and we had no problems until the last night on board there was a storm right ontop of us and the ship was rocking but my father and I walked around and that helped alot. So if you get sick start walking and sipping some soda.
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    Another vote for Bonine here! I took one every morning as a preventative measure, and then took a ginger pill in the morning and at night. I didn't get seasick AT ALL, and I am famous for my bouts of nausea! Terrible on Mission Space, Star Wars, any of the motion simulator rides, cars, airplanes, boats, you name it. Definitely use preventative measures, don't wait for the nausea to hit.

    PS. Even non-drowsy Dramamine made me sluggish, I would definitely use the Bonine.
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    I've never been on a cruise, but i've taken dramamine for sea sickness and that stuff works like a charm, but it made me REALLY tired afterwards.

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    Yep - Bonine and Ginger tablets for me, too. I start taking them a day before I travel with each meal, and continue that routine throughout the trip. Dramamine makes me VERY sleepy, but the Bonine works fine. I also take a bag of peppermints. And if you get sea-sick on the deck, just look straight toward the horizon and you should settle down quickly. Try to book a cabin close to the middle of the ship, and the lower levels are best for seasickness, but I don't like the lower levels. Never had any problem on higher ones.

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