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Disney Cruise Line Discuss Let's all share packing tips for the DCL! in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Please add yours onto the list so anyone getting ready to go will benefit from our wisdom (yeah, right!) 1. Definitely bring a laundry bag or pop up hamper. It ...
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    Let's all share packing tips for the DCL!

    Please add yours onto the list so anyone getting ready to go will benefit from our wisdom (yeah, right!)

    1. Definitely bring a laundry bag or pop up hamper. It will make your trips to the laundry so much easier.
    2. THIS IS MY FAVORITE IDEA! Buy an over-the-door clear plastic shoe bag/holder thing. The hooks go over the door and you hang the shoe holder on it. I bought one at Walmart for $5 and had it hanging in the bathroom in our stateroom and put EVERYTHING in it. Toiletries, makeup, hair bands, phone charger, quarters for the laundry, sunscreen, SHOES, my Key To The World Card when I wasn't using it. It kept everything so organized and clean and neat. I left it there at the end of the cruise, I'm hoping my room steward was able to use it or give it to someone else to use.

    I know I have more, but I'm so tired so I'll post more when they pop into my head. Please feel free to add some of your own!
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    I am replying because I'm curious what others have to say. Someone gave me a print out with tips and both of our suggestions are on the sheet.

    I brought a hamper recently on a trip and it made a huge difference. It has a permanent home in my suitcase.

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    I would think a pre paid phone card would be a good idea, you wouldn't want to use a cell phone after you leave home port (unless you have an international plan) so if you want to call home when you get to an island, a phone card is a good option.
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    I could live without the shoe bag, others swear by it, but my cosmetic bag hangs over the door anyway. The one thing I could NOT live without is the hamper. Do NOT forget chapstick.
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    When we went we had one suitcase JUST for dress and dinner clothes so they wouldn't get wrinkled quite as bad.
    Have a small carry on bag and not something to big because you don't want to have something heavy and in the way while walking around and eating lunch!
    Be comfortable!
    Pack a light weight jacket for cold nights.
    LOTS and LOTS of sunblock!! I learned my lesson the hard way! Don't want to spend your days miserable because of sunburn, you also don't want to look like a lobster like I did.
    Have some motion sickness meds to help in rough waters.
    A camera and if it's digital have your battery charger and maybe an extra battery. And if its film have lots and lots of film!!
    Hope this helps!!
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    great ideas! thanks for sharing.. im going to try the shoe holder on my next trip

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    I always wear a wrap or cardigan on the plane instead of packing it. Its often cold on the plane anyway and its one less thing to pack. I'm not much for light jackets, and the cardigans or wraps (the ones that actually provide warmth) look good with day and night time clothes, so it saves from a space perspective.

    Also, I pack unmentionables in my shoes. First of all, my shoes aren't smelly and I want them to retain their shape, so this is a great way to save space and keep my shoes from getting squashed, unless of course, you're talking about flip flops, it sure would be hard to do that trick with them!

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    When we cruise, we pack each outfit individually inside an oversized freezer bag, THEN inside the suitcase. When you squeeze the air out of each bag it is an EXCELLENT space saver, all of your outfits stay together, and it also seems to help with wrinkles! We do not do this with our formal wear, but with all other outfits.

    It seems to work great for us!
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    The bags are an interesting idea, a cheaper version of space bags, which we've used before. I've also used grocery bags to pack individual outfits when my kids travel with their grandparents, but that's been more for convenience rather than as a space saver. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    1) Definately bring a watch! I never wear one because I always rely on my cell phone for the time. However, once you get into international waters, the time gets reset to a random date (I think mine switched to October 31 and it was really June 12) until you pull into a port. There are clocks on the ship, but it gets annoying when you have to hunt one down. I don't know if this happens to all cell phones (I have Verizon), but better safe than sorry.
    2) I didn't realize how much I relied on my cell phone until this vacation, but have walkie-talkies available (especially if you have a large party). My sister and I would go off and do our own thing and our parents would be doing another, so there was no way to get in touch with them if we wanted to meet up with them, ask a question, change our plans, etc. The cell phones do work on the ship in International waters, but if you use them, know that you will be paying a ton of money to talk!
    3) Sunscreen, sunscreen, SUNSCREEN! Thinking I wouldn't tan, I got mad at my mom for buying SPF 50, but I still burned when I put it on. The sun is stronger in the Bahamas!
    4) A light jacket or a sweatshirt is a good idea because it gets breezy on some of the decks which can make it chilly (even in the summer!) if you're not moving around much.

    I know a couple tips have already been stated, but I am reiderating them because they are very important!!

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    A large mesh nylon bag (like the kind used for holding soccerballs) is great for laundry, or beach stuff, and it takes up almost no space. Also, bring your own booze.
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    I always send postcards to people but don't want to bring my address book and spend time writing out addresses. So what I do is just print out the addresses of the people I want to send postcards to and just take that sheet of labels with me. That way I can remember to do it and know who I have not sent a card to yet. Also I don't have to lug along an address book.

    Another thing I have done is bringing along a pad of post it notes. It is great for leaving a message of where I am for connecting with the people I am traveling with. It was great when I cruised with my father. We would leave each other notes about where to meet for lunch etc.

    I have considered but not done it yet is packing a power strip. I always seem to have more electrical things to plug in than outlets. I know people have done it but I haven't tried that yet.

    I also pack the fish extender. It is a great way to connect with other dis-ers on the ship. They are great fun and a way to get to know the other people from the different communities.
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