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Disney Cruise Line Discuss Disney Dream: Deck 2 Crew in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Originally Posted by 04CP_ Nolan A toll is a toll and a roll is a roll. If we don't get no tolls, then you don't get no rolls. His last ...
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    Re: Disney Dream: Deck 2 Crew

    Quote Originally Posted by 04CP_ Nolan View Post
    A toll is a toll and a roll is a roll. If we don't get no tolls, then you don't get no rolls.
    His last post. A another thread closed.

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    Re: Disney Dream: Deck 2 Crew

    About 2 1/2 months and We will be deck 2 Cruising...Woo Hoooo. We were so lucky to get the same 2 cabins as the first Lou's Cruise! Thanks Vicky from MEI Travel, You Rock!!!!
    11 Pre-DVC Trips to WDW 8-1978 through 12-2006.

    Our DVC/Disney Resort trips have been:

    Trip #1 (Jan 31-Feb 5-07) SSR. Studio.
    Trip #2 (May 1- 8-07) OKW. Studio.
    Trip #3 (June 26-July 1-07) SSR. 1 Bdrm.
    Trip #4 (Sept 16-21-07) OKW. 1 & 2 Bdrm.
    Trip #5 (Nov 29-Dec 3-07) AKL.
    Trip #6 (Jan 26-Feb 2-08) AKL. Studio.
    Trip #7 (April 12-18-08) SSR. 1 Bdrm.
    Trip #8 (May 23-27-08) SSR. Studio.
    Trip # 9(May 27-30-08) OKW. Studio.
    Trip # 10(Sept 10-17-08) BWV. Studio
    Trip # 11 (Nov 15-21-08) VWL. 2 Bdrm.
    Trip # 12 (Dec 19-21-08) SSR. Studio.
    Trip # 13(Feb 1-6-09) SSR. 2 Bdrm.
    Trip # 14(Feb 27-Mar 1-09) AKV Studio
    Trip # 15(Apr 30-May 8-09) ASR Movies-1 nite, PO Riverside- 4 nites, SSR Studio 3 nites
    Trip # 16(July 6th-10th-09)Pop Century
    Trip # 17(Sept 18th-24th-2009)Pop Century
    Trip #18(Oct 10th-16th 2009) ASR Music-1 nite, SSR Treehouses 5 nites
    Trip #19(Jan 20th-26th 2010) OKW-4 nites, Bch Club Studio Villa 2 nites
    Trip #20(Apr 23rd-26th 2010) Caribbean Beach Resort
    Trip #21(June 18th-25th 2010) POR 2 nites, SSR 2bdrm Villa 5 Nites.

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    Re: Disney Dream: Deck 2 Crew

    Hey everyone!

    I know I am late to the party but just wanted to introduce myself, I am Steve and I am taking my son out of second grade for a week to go on the cruise! We will be in Cabin 2532, and it sour first Disney Cruise my second cruise. I did not like the other two I was on so I am hoping it was just the ship. We are very excited but have no clue what to expect. We will be at the Epcot paty so if you see a single dad and a seven year old its probably us lol. Say hi!

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