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Disney Cruise Line Discuss Disney vs Carnival in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I just got back from my second cruise this past Monday. I live in south Florida so we finally took advantage of our close proximity to Miami by taking a ...
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    Disney vs Carnival

    I just got back from my second cruise this past Monday. I live in south Florida so we finally took advantage of our close proximity to Miami by taking a Carnival 4 day cruise to Key West & Cozumel. Before this, my only experience in cruising was in 2008 when we went on a Disney cruise from Port Canaveral to Nassau & Castaway Cay. Now I can finally say with confidence what I suspected all along: Disney blows Carnival away. I always thought Carnival was the bottom rung cruise line and, at least for me, this was confirmed. Our recent cruise was OK, but I was constantly wishing I was on a Disney ship. I did enjoy the Key West stop and Cozumel wasn't as bad as Nassau but the lack of a destination like Castaway Cay made the Carnival trip seem so much less. Now I know Carnival offers other cruises with different ports of call but I am also basing my opinion on my fellow passengers. Carnival seems to draw a lot of rude, classless people. Several times there were situations I didn't want my children to be around on the Destiny...this never happened on the Wonder. I also know I'm basing my opinion on a small sample size but I still believe it to be true. I wish Disney operated out of Port Everglades or Miami.
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    Re: Disney vs Carnival

    my boss just cane back from a carnival crusie and he hated it.. and because that was his first cruise he now says he will never go on another... he HATED it..
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    Re: Disney vs Carnival

    Too many long USMC deployments and cruises on USN ships for me to want to go back to sea again.

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    Re: Disney vs Carnival

    Funny you say this. I have done the 7 day eastern Caribbean cruise on carnival. The destinations were awesome (St. Thomas,Maarten,John and the Bahamas). Now to the ship...the crew was terrible, the only thing I got from the bartender was a drink and a "port que". The ship was not well maintained with kids everywhere in the adult sections. I recently 3 days ago got off of the Disney Dream for the 5 night cruise. The only problem with Disney cruises is I will never go on any other company again lol. Amazing ship, service, food and people!!! I will be back!

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    Re: Disney vs Carnival

    Have a coworker who does not like Disney but won a Disney cruise from a radio station. She said it was the best cruise she'd ever been on.
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    Re: Disney vs Carnival

    . . . no love for Royal Caribbean?

    All cruise lines > Carnival

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