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Disney Cruise Line Discuss Cruise question in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Hi everyone, I'm going on a cruise this September. I was wondering if you can burn a CD of our digital pictures on the cruise ship? And how much would ...
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    Cruise question

    Hi everyone,
    I'm going on a cruise this September. I was wondering if you can burn a CD of our digital pictures on the cruise ship? And how much would that cost?

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    Re: Cruise question

    If you are talking about the ones that the cruise takes, yes you can get a cd made at the end of your trip. We just got back 2 weeks ago and I can't remember if was $150 or $250 (there was also a book you can get made and I can't remember which price goes with which product). If you have kids and get lots of pictures taken, the cd could be worth it because we got 2 pictures and it was $40. (It is just my husband and I, so we didn't have tons of character pictures). Some people we saw had the entire binder full of pictures. So if you are thinking about the cd, then I would go overboard with the pictures so you can have enough to make it worth it.

    I hope this helps!! Just remember that your key will be what the photo people use to add the pictures to your account. And the book idea on the ship is so cool. We were Mickey Green, 28.
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    Re: Cruise question

    If you're talking about your own photos, then not that I know of. Memory cards are relatively cheap so I would just buy some extra cards. My mother in law keeps all her full ones in the in-room safe after using them when she's on vacation if you're worried about losing them (and she switches before they're full for that reason). I usually bring my laptop to WDW to back up my photos each night, but I was too worried to bring it on the cruise.. but I know lots of people do.

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    Re: Cruise question

    My suggestion is to ask Guest Services when you board the ship, this way you can get the correct answer, or you could always call DCL

    Hope this helps <3

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