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Disney Cruise Line Discuss Disney Dream with an 11-month old in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Quote: DisneyAngDisney Parks and Disney Cruises are designed for Families of all ages, hence all the options they have for infants and kids. I would never leave my child at ...
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    Re: Disney Dream with an 11-month old

    Quote: DisneyAngDisney

    Parks and Disney Cruises are designed for Families of all ages, hence all the options they have for infants and kids. I would never leave my child at home so I could go on a Disney vacation and have fun without them just not my style. I guess it is all about how we were raised.
    My kids are now young adults. I have never thought back then or now that Disney Ships or Parks are off limits to anyone, of any age. My DD was 2 months and my DS 14 months on their first trips and it was wonderful, once in the air they fell asleep it was perfect. I could not have vacationed without them either. I don't view family vacation time as a time to dump your kids on someone else and bolt.

    Quote: SuperNova
    My parents were smart enough to leave my 1-year-old sister at home with my grandparents while my younger sister and I went to Disney with them.
    I wouldn't say smart, more cold. But now I can wrap my brain around why you don't like babies, dumping babies off on others was taught. Fortunately I had warm parents. They liked us and didn't want to escape from us and I didn't want to escape from my own either.

    Quote: SuperNova
    Disney built an amusement park, not a cruise ship.

    Actually Disney started out with the Big Red Boat as the first family friendly ship. Disney wanted to offer cruising to families. When Disney went to their own ships they built them so families of all ages would cruise. Other than your disdain for little ones, your arguments just don't hold water, you may not want them on the ships but Disney certainly does.

    Quote: AJWiseMan09
    Agreed HauntedGabe. As I mentioned before, my husband and I do not have children yet and still do not mind walking around the park or being on the cruise ship and seeing children. It almost makes it more fun. They are adorable and comical. Maybe Supernova needs to find a new hobby that is not Disney related as Disney himself built his entire park around the idea that parents and children can have a fun place to enjoy together. Maybe, if you don't like children, you should go on an adult-only cruise with another (cheaper) cruise line. Then you can have your peace and quiet.

    Like I said my kids are young adults now. I enjoyed them with me back then and I enjoy watching other little ones enjoy Disney too. A few act up, not unlike the many adults I've seen act up too. I agree Disney is a place that was developed for families. Couples and singles have fun too. Disney partnered first with the Big Red Boat so families could sail together and Disney just made it even more attractive to families with their own ships. With each ship they create Disney makes it more and more family friendly for all ages.
    There are so many other cruise lines and other destinations that are meant for Adults and are not child friendly. I respected that and did not ever bring my children to those places, they were meant for the people who either didn't like children or needed to escape from children. So be it, they have their place, we have Disney.

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    Re: Disney Dream with an 11-month old

    I'm late to the discussion, but on the first WDW Radio Dream Cruise, we ended up taking our 4th kid at 7 months. It was our first cruise and we had no problems with him. The nursery on the ship is fantastic, and we were able to easily balance time with him and time without him.

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