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Disney Cruise Line Discuss Kids club question in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Hello! We are planing on taking our first Disney cruise on the Dream in April 2014. We will be traveling with our daughter who will be 3 at time of ...
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    Kids club question

    Hello! We are planing on taking our first Disney cruise on the Dream in April 2014. We will be traveling with our daughter who will be 3 at time of travel. My question is this: will my daughter be able to participate in kids club activities if she is not fully potty trained? We are currently in the midst of training, be she has been reluctant thus far. Hopefully by the time we sail she will be potty trained but you never know with kids. I have looked at other forums and other sites but have yet to find the answer. PLEASE HELP! And much thanks!

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    Re: Kids club question

    As far as I know and unless they changed the rules they must be potty trained, no pull ups. They really don't remind kids either, it is basically understood if the child is trained that includes recognizing they need to go. Otherwise it is pretty much the nursery and you can't flop going between the two.

    If you make progress by then try having her go before she goes in and then pull her out when you believe it is about the time she will need to go. If she has an accident that is it, they will page you and you will need to pick her up and she will not be allowed back. Another trick I used with my DD was to buy a wrist watch. When the alarm goes off she needs to go. You just need to work on that prior to cruise time.

    Here is hoping you make progress and it isn't a worry for your trip. My DD was tougher than my DS, just didn't want to. I finally just took away the pull ups, put her in undies and let her have a few accidents. (controlled the area of course) A few times with pee in her shoe, she opted to be trained.

    Also they can't go into the pool unless they are fully trained. Just sprinkler area.
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