I took my family on a 4 day cruise on the "Wonder" in late September. It was great. I have 2 tips: Bring your own booze, and stay on-board when they dock at Nassau. Nassau is disgusting, it's like visiting a bad part of Miami without spanish being spoken. If you like being constantly hounded by natives to "braid yo hair" (I have 3 daughters) then maybe you'd enjoy it. I didn't go to Atlantis but I heard good things about it. Castaway Cay was the highlight. If you like snorkelling, swimming etc you're in for a good time. The food was excellent everywhere: at CC / as well as on the ship. I brought a bottle of bourbon in my carry-on and in spite of signs which said "no alcohol" it passed through the x-ray machine without any comment from the screener. You can buy at the duty free store but I like a certain brand and as it turned out they didn't have it anyway.