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Disney On A Dime Discuss Just a heads up....Tips on saving $$$ in the Money Saving Tips / Budgeting forums; We are going in October and this will be our 1st trip with kids (3&4). One of the tips I found and think is a great idea is to get ...
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    Smile Just a heads up....Tips on saving $$$

    We are going in October and this will be our 1st trip with kids (3&4). One of the tips I found and think is a great idea is to get some of your "souvenirs" at home so the kids have "new stuff" and you didn't have to spend a fortune. Our local disney store is having a HUGE sale right now! (6/15) So if you can stash some of this stuff away it can save you a bundle. Even if your not going until fall/winter - alot of the sale items (I live in MA) are summer items so deeply discounted. Examples:
    All disney: sunglasses $3, little hand held battery operated fans $3 swimsuits, towels, and sunhats/baseball caps $7 some as low as $5, insulated cups $3, some plastic cupware and plates/bowls were 1.99, tshirts anywhere from $3.99-7.00, little watches 1.99, lip gloss 1.99, pajama pals 7.99 but have found some on last clearance online for as low as 4.99, there were also picture frames under $10.00 and the mini water globes for 3.99 so as you can see you can get some relatively inexpensive (when you compare to park prices) things to pack in your suitcase (easier with us driving than if you were flying). All of these items are from the Disney store so if you pull something out of your bag for the kids all they know is it's Disney plus you can get them some new clothes to wear in Disney like swimsuits and pj's and it's still a hit but more practical items. I also have a file with other inexpensive (free to under $10) and also a few different ideas that do cost a little if anyone is interested. Too big to post here in one posting but would forward it if anyone wants.
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    Neat idea....thank goodness my DD is too little yet to much of that "I WANT" thing--she is

    Always on the lookout for free stuff(is this stuff at the parks or in general?)...send it to me if you like just make sure you put something catchy in the title so i dont delete ya for being
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    That is the best strategy that always works with our kids. It ends up being a win-win for everyone. We end up spending less on souvenirs and they end up getting more than they normally would have. We buy enough stuff throughout the year on clearance so that they each get a "surprise" every day. It isn't always something big, but it is always a surprise. One day we might give them a t-shirt, or sun glasses and then occasionally they'll get something big. They know what the game plan is and they know that on the last day they can buy something at the parks ($10-$15). Through all of our trips, we have never had a problem with the "I wants", never.

    What is also great is on many occasions we were in Disney World casually looking in the gift shops and the kids would gravitate and start playing with something we already purchased for a fraction of the price. The next day we would give them exactly what they wanted for their "surprise".

    Some examples of our "hole in one" winners are:
    Magic Kingdom Playset- $38.00 at the parks, $5.00 at Wal-mart on Clearance.
    The Incredibles Soft Figures- $17.99 a piece in the parks, $1.99 on Clearance at the Disney Store. We got all four figures for half of what one cost in the parks.
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    WOW thats a great deal you got Chris. I often wonder what Mr Walter Disney would have to say about the prices at Disney world??

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    Sometimes, I don't feel like eating a hamburger with beef, veggie patty, chicken, etc. At any burger place at WDW, a typical hamburger with meat and side of fries costs about $7-8. But at COSMIC RAYS, you can buy just the hamburger toasted buns for only 75 cents!!! Then, go to the fixins bar for chz, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. to make your own veggie burger. It's filling and less than a dollar!!! Beat that McDonald's!!!
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    just so you know, that's not a veggie burger.
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