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Disney Links Discuss What are Your Favorite Sites? in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Which sites do you all visit on a regular basis? Besides this one and WDWRadio, I love... 1. The Disney Blog ( - This is where I start. They usually ...
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    What are Your Favorite Sites?

    Which sites do you all visit on a regular basis? Besides this one and WDWRadio, I love...

    1. The Disney Blog ( - This is where I start. They usually cover daily news and are much more streamlined than Laughing Place
    2. Mouse Times ( - Great for THOROUGH picture updates of Disneyland and WDW
    3. Re-Imagineering ( - I'm not even sure who runs this and they don't update too often, but their analysis of Disney Park Attractions is fascinating.
    4. Passport 2 Dreams Old and New ( - Similar to Re-Imagineering. Their coverage of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is almost legendary
    5. 2719 Hyperion ( - No surprise. There's a reason Jeff Pepper gets so much love.
    6. My Disney Mania ( - A little-known but good site for filling in the details from a fan's perspective
    7. The Disney Hub ( - Similar to Disney Mania, will focus on some of Disney's more obscure treasures
    8. Blue Sky Disney ( - Their Speculation of possible changes to the parks always gets my hopes up
    9. If We Can Dream It... ( - A tribute to overlooked and underappreciated details around WDW
    10. Mice Age ( - Lengthy articles that are kind of a cross between DSI's and Jim Hill commentary.
    11. Jim Hill Media ( - This is a controversial choice. Many people love and embrace Jim Hill and he serves his purpose, but he is a pundit and you sometimes/often have to take what he says with a pinch of salt. (He also needs to stop trying to find fault with Pixar.) But he's often a good read.
    12. Mouse Planet ( - A great resoure for park updates. Posts every Monday night for both DL and WDW
    13. All Ears ( - My favorite catch-all for Disney World parks and beyond. The articles are great and the detailed Info us invaluable when planning your next Disney Vacation

    So what sites do you all go to, and how many go to the sites I mention?

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    This is my favorite overall site hands down, I don't have much time to visit others on a daily basis but if I'm looking for info and I can't find it here I go to, I just counted the Disney favorites I have for another thread and I have 145 Disney sites but I really don't go to them much maybe just for reference. The funny thing is I don't have the Official Disney site as a favorite, I really don't like that site. There was a site though that had beautiful pictures, it was but I don't think it exists anymore. Does anyone know what happened to it or maybe another site with WDW professional pics?
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    I have so many I can't even begin to list them but the ones I frequent most often outside of this one are:

    2) This guy's site on YouTube that does nothing but post videos from Disney and extinct attractions (horizons#### something - can't remember his profile name)
    3) Walt Dated World
    5) Lost Epcot (Lost Epcot)

    Do we see a theme here Jenn? Oh yes we do!
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    The site is pretty much amazing. they have all the latest news and a sweet podcast. go check it out!

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    Ricky Brigante's site is not too bad.

    Inside the Magic, hosted by Ricky Brigante - Disney News, Disney Reviews, Disney Contests, and more great Disney stuff!

    I also visit and

    And of course feel free to check on my new blog
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    I go to Inside The Magic from time to time. I like the Podcast more than the site.

    Your blog is actually pretty cool. (Unsolicited Recommendation.) Thanks for the plug. I added it to my folder.

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    I hope you're all happy yesterday i spent about three hours of my OWN time (not schluffing off at work time) on these sites..

    Hi my name Bob and I'm a Disney Addict...

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    134, all articles by al lutz, also, those are my two tops besides this one.
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    99 (Anaheim Marriot)
    00 (new years) (Anaheim Marriot)
    00 (Anaheim Marriot)
    01 (Anaheim Hyatt, Suite)
    02 (Anaheim Hilton)
    03 (Anaheim Hilton)
    04 (Anaheim Hilton/ Huntington Beach Hyatt)
    05 (Anaheim Hilton)
    06 (Anaheim Hilton)

    04 (Hyatt Grand Cypress) <nice hotel!>
    Spring 07 (Off property, Lake Suites a.k.a. Roadkill Motel) Absolutely wonderful trip!!
    Fall 07 Oct 24th-31st Coronado Springs......amazing! I miss it!!

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    I love,,, and

    Nicole a.k.a. nicki12 ~ a Navy daughter
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