Back in the days of VMK - Ranch and Friend started a forum dedicated to our VMK team and builds. As some of you know, VMK is now gone, but our boards remain. It is now run by Friend and it is more of a place to talk about Disney but we also have a very close family among the boards. I in no way want to have anyone leave this board, but if you ever have time to add another community to your list, please check us out. Several of our members are now interested in the game Small Worlds which is not Disney related, but still fun. If you like this game, it is also a great place to discuss it.
I also host a Disney Trivia Challenge. I post daily trivia questions that you can answer for points. There are also challenges that I host that can help you gain double or triple points. Once you gain enough points there are real prizes for you to choose from. If this is something that you are interested in, please come and see us!

Thanks for reading and hope to see some friends soon!
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