Reunion 2005

Pal Mickey's Grown-Up Pals Club & JDG Productions Announce
Pal Mickey's Grown-Up Pals Club Reunion 2005
MAY 13-14-15
Who: PMGUPC (Pal Mickey's Grown-Up Pals Club and their families)

When: May 13, 14 & 15, 2005 - Friday, Saturday and Sunday (2nd weekend of May)

Where: WDW Parks

Why: The purpose of this Reunion is to have fun with our Pal Mickeys, dress them up, get to know other owners of Pal Mickey and to share tips on dressing up Pal Mickey, etc.

What: The Reunion is open to all Pal Mickey's Grown-Up Pals Club members and owners and family members. Everyone must make their own reservations for that weekend (hotel and park entrance) and all activities will take place in the parks.

Theme Days:
Day 1: Friday 13 May 2005
Registration will begin at 10:00am to 10:30am.
Adventure Day at Animal Kingdom (Animal Kingdom) Day Time
Around the World in a Day with Pal Mickey (Epcot) Afternoon

Day 2: Saturday 14 May 2005
Meet and Greet with Pal Mickey and his Pals (Magic Kingdom)

Day 3: Sunday 15 May 2005
Go and see the Stars with Pal Mickey (Disney MGM) Afternoon/Evening

Maybe after hours at Downtown Disney or Boardwalk
All Activities will start at 10:30 am sharp and continue to the Parks closing time.
Sunday Activities will begin at 1:00pm.

Pal Mickey Fashion Days (Yeah that’s right Pal Mickey Fashion Days)
There will be a Dress-up Contest for your Pal Mickey each day (just for the Pal Mickey only NOT for the owner). At the end of the reunion on Sunday, the best dressed Pal Mickey will win a prize.

Other Activities:
Dining with Pal Mickey and PMGUPC at Epcot or Disney's MGM

Shows: Pal Mickey at Fantasmic, and other shows

Rides: Various. Jungle Cruise, Tower of Terror with picture

Games: Trivia Game, Hidden Mickey Hunt Game and other games (for prizes)

All event information and activities are subject to change with notice.

If you plan to attend, you must contact Jerome (PMGUPC Moderator) no later than January 30, 2005. This should provide enough time to make all necessary reservations prior to the event. (NOTE: The timing is to help in planning activities and potential cost savings for us if we have enough people to get a group rate for certain things.)

For those of you that live in the Florida/Orlando area or anyone else with a Pal Mickey who only want to attend the reunion for a day (Saturday, May 14, 2005). This is the only day that will be open for NON-registered reunion participants. This would only mean for you to join us in the park and go on some rides with us but would not include going out to dinner or any other “special” events which require specific reservations. But for me to make this part of the schedule I need to get an idea of how many of you would be interested in doing something like this. The reason why I need to do this in advance is that I want to do lots of things for the reunion and need to plan them. Additionally, I have lots of commitments to take care of here in Boston leading up to the reunion.

Please RSVP to JDGOtter (moderator Jerome) via the board's Private Messaging