I wanted to let everyone know that there is going to be a new NFFC Chapter forming in Middle TN. The Music City Chapter is open to anyone who loves Disney and would enjoy meeting once a month with others that share the same passion. Most meetings will have an informal hour to catching up with our fellow members, old & new business, show & tell, trivia games silent auctions, door prizes, and snacks & beverages.

During the business portion of our meeting we go over the minutes from the last meeting, cover old and new business, talk about new Disney merchandise, rumors we might have heard, reviews from the latest movie, park changes and anything else we think others would be interested in.

After we're done with business it's time for a Trivia Contest: Movies, Parks, Cartoons. Each trivia contest is designed by the host and can be simple questions, name that tune, BINGO, word search, guess the picture, just about anything you can think of. You never know what the theme will be, but you'll be sure to find lots of laughs and a couple of good prizes.

Our first meeting is Nov 10 at 6pm cst. Feel free to PM me with questions or if you would like to hear more about the NFFC Music City Chapter.

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