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Disney Meets Discuss Meet in May 2005 in the Vacation Planning forums; Research, my friend... "research"... Learn it. Love it. Live it....
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    Research, my friend... "research"... Learn it. Love it. Live it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKQJ10
    Research, my friend... "research"... Learn it. Love it. Live it.
    It only counts as research if we get another great book out of it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKQJ10
    Research, my friend... "research"... Learn it. Love it. Live it.
    I love "research" . I'm striving to become a full-time "research"er.
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    I would love to split a cruise--but won't there until later--if anyone is interested--just let me know!!!! I do know that Wishes is easier to secure than Illumations.

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    For anyone who is going to be here....

    On a Friday or Saturday......

    I would love to meet you all! We live here and are AP holders and are there almost every Friday and Saturday (DH's days off)

    Just so you know, if we hang out together, MJ and I are both wheelchair users. If it is just us (me, her and my husband) she ususally sits in my lap, but if someone is willing to push her chair you guys can use the wheelchair entrance with us and the viewing areas for the parades and shows. We can still go on most things and have no problems navigating the parks, we have lots of experience with that.

    Not sure if anyone else who is going has special needs or not!!!

    Book us up! We love, love, love to meet other fans!
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