Hey all, I'm faced with... well, as Kim Possible would put it, "a sitch" (sort for "situation"). I feel a little bit like I'm placing a personals ad, but... would anyone possibly want to split a hotel in the Disney area for a couple of days, approxmate dates March 18-22?

Ever since my first spring semester of college in 2003, I, like any other college student, has held spring break in the holiest of regards. I'm not a crazy partier or anything, nor have I ever done anything I was too ashamed to tell my mother of, however, having a full week and change off in the middle of a semester is a wonderful thing, and I think everyone can agree on that much.

My first few years I went home to Connecticut for spring break to visit my family and girlfriend, etc., but when that gf got involved in the College program a few years back and then eventually signed on as a seasonal Cast Member, the spring break tradition kind of shifted. Now instead of going home, we used her Cast discount to get a deeply discounted WDW resort, and then split it a couples ways between the two of us and occasionally other people visiting with us. The result was often something like Pop Century for $20 per person per night... how can you pass that up?

Well, last February my gf and I ended things as a couple, but we still made our spring break pilgrimage in March anyway. I assumed this year would likely be the same, until she informed me that she and another friend were going on a cruise. So no plans were made, until her friend changed her mind, and my ex now found herself with nothing to do. I suggested a last minute Disney trip again, but having waited so long to plan or buy airfare, she now cannot afford the trip, leaving me with nothing to do.

Oh well, so I guess I could just work over the break, save up a few more pennies, and then go on my WDW trip maybe a little later in the year, right? But the flaw in that plan is that every one of my students (I'm a flight instructor at the university now, so my work is now entirely dependent upon my students being available and willing to fly) is doing something for spring break themselves... either on their way home, or to Panama City, etc. So I don't even have the OPTION of working over spring break. And now I'm stuck... no students to teach, and no vacation plans for spring break. AND I REFUSE TO SIT ON MY BUTT AND COUNT MY HAIR FOR AN ENTIRE 9 DAY VACATION!!! Especially the same year that MouseFest is on hiatus! What is happening to all my Disney trips???

As of right now, the only plans that I have involve taking a few local friends to WDW with me on Tuesday (one of my friends is celebrating her birthday and so she gets in free that day). So I will likely have to be in Daytona the day before and after so I can pick them up and drop them off. But aside from that, I'm pretty much wide open. Now I know I can't afford a long stay, but I'm thinking that if I do a short stay, maybe for only two to three nights in the later part of the week, and can find someone to split the hotel costs with, I can still manage to spend a total of about 4 or 5 days in Disney this spring break... enough to at least feel good about having done SOMETHING to take advantage of all those days off from work, and to make use of my Annual Pass which has really only been used sparingly so far this year.

So if anyone was considering a Minnie-vacation (yes, I said Minnie, like as in Mickey's gal) during that week sometime, give me a shout and maybe we can work things out.

Thanks, from a desperate Disney obsessee.