Hey all, so I've been writing a guide to the parks for the last year. I'm happy to say it will be done shortly(prob. a week and a half). Before I take the guide to the next step I am taking one more trip to the parks. I am going to use the paths I have put in the guide and see how they work, what needs to be changed, and what could be better. Unfortunately my roommate who has been on 8 of my previous trips had to back out due to someone at work taking the time off and has seniority on him. I am going on the trip from June 13th-18th. Would love to have someone who would not mind a lot of walking to come along. Would be great to get feedback from someone who has not been to the parks with me. You don't have to stay the full time or at the same place if you don't want to....Anything would be a help

Here is what my itinerary looks like
6/13 Fly in and Stay in Old Town for the Saturday Night Cruise
6/14 Move into the All Star and go to Epcot/Magic Kingdom
6/15 Head to Animal Kingdom with Beaches and Cream to follow
6/16 Head to Hollywood Studios and end in Epcot
6/17 Head to Magic Kingdom and end in Hollywood Studios
6/18 Fly out

Thank you and hope to hear you