It's that time again! It's time for my annual getting-older celebration in Disney! Who's in???

My actual birthday is on a Friday (6/4) this year, but since I will almost certainly be working on that day, I figured I should move it to the nearest day I would be certain to have off, and that day is Sunday, June 6th.

Anyone who has attended (or planned to attend) one of my b-day meets in previous years knows that I always run into the same problems in my meet planning - trying to accommodate everyone. And rather than learn from my troubles in past years, I'm going to do it all again.

So here's what I'm thinking. Because I don't yet know a "who" or a "how many" to expect, I'm not making any final decisions yet. What I would LIKE to do is spend a day in a Disney theme park (I'm not too concerned with which one in particular at this point), and then end it with a nice dinner somewhere followed by a celebratory showing of the new Main Street Electrical Parade and Summer Nightastic! fireworks (both of which premier THAT NIGHT!!!) at the Magic Kingdom.

However, I understand that theme park admission AND dinner can be a bit on the steep side, and so if it seems that some of my guests wishing to attend are unable to afford this, I will organize some other, cheaper alternative that will not require actually setting foot in a theme park. I'm not exactly certain of what it will include, but I still have some time to brainstorm that.

So in the meantime, chime in! Let me know if you are interested in joining me for my Geezer Day, and be sure to include whether or not you have or will be able to purchase theme park admission for that day. I am also looking for some other good Disney-oriented fun-stuffs we can do if we opt to stay outside of the parks. Suggestions are more than welcome... they are encouraged!