Hi Everyone,

It's great being a part of this larger WDWRadio community. It would be even greater however, to be able to easily find local fans, as well. Since it does not look like D23 will connect us, I'll give our forums a try! With the loss of our Disney Store, Disney Outlet, the original catalog and pretty much all merchandise related to the Mouse in chain stores, we are cut off from the Disney experience in person (Thanks goodness for the internet!). Surprisingly, Disneyland is hard for most of us to visit, who are simply surviving in this most expensive area. I am a lifelong Santa Barbara resident with a love of unique and obscure Disney endeavors. Let's band together to ask Disney to reach our potential market. If there are other fans out there, I'd love to find out who is residing in the Santa Barbara area. Kindly reply to this post, and we'll get connected!


Geren Piltz
Santa Barbara, CA