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Disney Meets Discuss 7/30/05 in the Vacation Planning forums; Great pics. Thanks Tampa for the TTA ones!...
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    Great pics. Thanks Tampa for the TTA ones!

    Nathan M Rose
    Owner of MagicalMountain, FlickDirect, Co-Host of The Award Winning MouseTunes Disney Podcast (Keep Babbling Forever!), and last but not least Co-Host of the Magical Definition Podcast.

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    no prob dude... wish I coulda found that Snow White HM though..

    and for the record folks.. yes.. redheads are awesome.. I'm talking fire red..

    my last boss in Tampa eventually had his daughter working with us and I kid you not.. she was the human form of ariel, without the fins though.. and she was a huge bible thumping brat.. and was 19 at the time which I don't care for.. but above all this.. her hair was brown. If she would of dyed it red I would of became a choir boy.. ate weight gainer.. ate rogaine.. call me shallow...

    anyways thanks for enjoying the pics and thanks for the requests, it was fun trying to fill them!

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    Great pics Tampa but got me Wasn't there alot of pics that had a certain mermaid somewhere in them Hmmmmmm wonder why .Really good pics though enjoyed them alot makes me want to get there even more.

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