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Disney Meets Discuss Meeting Internet Disney Friends article in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by AKQJ10 Grumpy, I'll be the guy wearing the pink carnation sitting at the bar at Champps in Menlo Park Mall. Oh, and I'll also be sporting my ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKQJ10

    I'll be the guy wearing the pink carnation sitting at the bar at Champps in Menlo Park Mall. Oh, and I'll also be sporting my DWT thong in case there are other guys there in pink carnations sitting alone at the bar.

    that's hot, OK, i'll be there at 3!

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    Great article and thanks for sharing!!

    The DWT members that I have met are awesome and hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet some more in the future

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    Good article

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommytoMJM
    I love meeting Internet friends, sometimes it works great, sometimes it ****s, but there are a great many friends that I wouldn't have now if I hadn't tried in the first place. It still hurts when I get burned, but I have some amazing people I would never have known if not for the internet.
    Just we fall in the "****s" category or "it works out great" category???

    I was going to post this article too Pat when I saw it on Mouseplanet. Thanks for sharing. It is quite an amazing phenomenon when you think about it. If someone would have told me even 6 months ago that I would end up meeting someone off the internet I would have told them they were crazy! But I did it and do not regret it!!!

    Hoping to meet more DWT'ers in the future!

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    I have met people from 3 different internet Disney websites at the parks,and they all went well. I bring my mother with me the first time I meet anyone and that gives me the confidence to interact with people I'm meeting the first time.

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    geeee melissa, I don't know, let me think......... lol...... the awesome category of course!

    Alma, looking forward to meeting you, hopefully Sat!
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    Awesome article!! I can totally relate, I consider some of you from this board among my closest friends ever!

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