The poll is up on this come Thursday but it looks like with some work we could actually make this a reality instead of a possibility. I have put the word out on a few other sites and have a TON of interest in one particular city. You will know Thursday-hold your pants

Tentative dates are dependant on where we can actually have this. MY PPL are working on this...LOL Well no they're not, I really dont have ppl but it sounded good. If you would like to be one of my ppl, I have noooooo problem with getting help. The end of April seems pretty unanimous so all we have to do is get a final count on a city and go from there. Does a Saturday sound good for the main meet? We can do some Friday outings for those arriving early and a fun day somewhere for Sunday if anyone stays the weekend?

I have tons of ideas to keep this affordable(big point on this end) and lots of fun for all ages.

Hey LOU! Now all we have to do is convince you to grace us with your presence. Us folks from the other side of PA and west would love to put a real face to a name. Everyone all together....WE WANT LOU! WE WANT LOU!