We promised in the MouseFest newsletter that we'd send you a heads-up as soon as the downloadable version of the Pocket Guide to MouseFest 2006 was ready to go, and here it is!

The shortest route to the goodies is the MouseFest Pocket Guide Page at:

We've prepared two different files. One that is formatted to be browsed onscreen and one for printing:
Browse Version: http://www.mousefest.org/pocketguide2006browse.pdf
Print Version: http://www.mousefest.org/pocketguide2006-2up.pdf

The onscreen browse version is great if you're bringing a computer or PDA with you to MouseFest, or to read off-line before you head on down to Orlando.

The print version is designed for printing-out in booklet form, just like the printed Pocket Guides we'll be distributing freely at MouseFest. Admittedly, it's a bit of a challenge to print, but think of how cool you'll feel when it turns out right!