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Disney Merchandise & Collectibles Discuss WDW Magic Kingdom DVD in the Disneyana forums; So, does anyone else have this dvd, and what do you think of it? I just picked this up on our recent trip and have been somewhat disappointed by it. ...
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    WDW Magic Kingdom DVD

    So, does anyone else have this dvd, and what do you think of it?
    I just picked this up on our recent trip and have been somewhat disappointed by it.
    The menus don't seem to be very well put together, and to see the trivia and
    other special info you have to watch the entire movie again. Seems to me that the
    navigation could have been done a bit better. Still, it's nice to have, and I wouldn't
    give it up! I hope the menus on the next ones are a bit smoother though.
    Any other thoughts?
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    I finally got this... some of the stuff is quite hilarious.

    The trivia on the mansion, for example -- chess pieces? That's been disproven long ago. And the pirate's tomb? Clearly show's what happened to *his* wives, not Master Gracey's.

    Gotta love the horse-drawn trolley ridethru -- not much too be seen but two rears.

    The Project Florida video was quite sloppy -- 71 chapter stops in under 3 minutes?!

    And what's with several shots looking like they were done through a spy cam?

    And yet another year goes by and we get another video depicting Phantom Manor's graveyard at WDW.

    My biggest annoyance: Why do they need to re-record all vocals and music for every attraction? Do they not have the source audio available? I'd volunteer to provide it to them if they somehow do not! The closest thing to source came from the few times they used natural sounds -- train, clopping, water.


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