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Disney Merchandise & Collectibles Discuss WDW Theme Park Merchandise in the Disneyana forums; PS... I think that I would still shop there if though it's kinda wrong to do.. That's never stopped me before!!!...
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    PS... I think that I would still shop there if though it's kinda wrong to do.. That's never stopped me before!!!

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    The photos that they take are in fact from WDW shops, I believe. What they do, however, is provide the ability to easily find and purchase an item that you may have forgotten to buy while you were there, locate a gift for someone, etc., all without having to wait to return to WDW!

    When you place an order, one of their shoppers actually goes to the park, buys your items, and then they ship them out to you. So clearly they offer a service over and above just taking an online order. I've met the owner personally and am pleased to recommend their services.

    For me, I've used them when I just needed a little Disney "fix" and wanted something from the parks, rather than the Disney Store (which just doesn't have the selection found at WDW).

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    I use them all the time for presents, for some things that we want to have before we get there, and for things that I have forgotten or didnt see when I was there. They also provide me with stuff for holidays - if I want a Disney theme- esp Christmas.

    This year will be the first year I get to see everything all decked out for Christmas at WDW (and I get to shop for it too )
    dont let DH know

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    Does anyone know if there is a website for the gift shop in the Grand Floridian? What I'm trying to find out is if they have any sequinced adult Mickey Mouse dresses. Years and Years ago I found this dress there, it was gorgeous all sequinced definitely for 'going out'. I want to know if they have anything like that now. I also know that one of the stores at MGM had the same type of clothing. E-mail me privately as not to clog up this thread. Thanks

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    Your best bet and what I do is I look for stuff on then I call WDW merch @ 407-363-6200 and you can buy anything that they have at the parks and resorts. This is way cheaper that Laughingplace and you dont have to wait for someone to go pick it up for you. This is a great way to get things that you want before you go and to get that item that you are kicking yourself for not getting while you where there.

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