I used to deliver the Sacramento Bee waay back in the day (mid 70's), and as a prize in one of the circulation contests, I got an old school belt buckle (with the loop and hook) with an engraved image of Scoopy, the mascot for the Bee. It has a copyright with Walt's facsimile signature, and Scoopy looks an awful lot like a certain mouse as he runs toward you waving a paper.

I know that Scoopy is the only Disney created character to "reside outside the Disney universe" (loosely quoting from the Bee website).

I just found this thing in a box in the garage. I actually used to wear it now and then back then.
My question: is it collectible?
I know everything is collectible by someone, but... I think you know what I mean.

Thanks for any help, or information, you guys can give.

"Collecting for the Bee."