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Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality
A Book Review

Inspired by a recent episode of the WDW Radio show, I’m going to review some of the books about Disney theme parks that are out of print, and thus much more expensive on the secondary market. First up in the docket is the English translation of Disney Paris: From Sketch to Reality, written by Alain Littaye and Didier Ghez, both Imagineers who worked on the park.

I purchased this book from eBay, as it is only available in Disneyland Paris, and not on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. For a cost of $75 plus shipping, I got the book, personally autographed, along with maps to both the Disney Studios and Disneyland Paris. Shipping time was long, but nothing outrageous seeing as how it came from France.

The following is quoted from the eBay auction page:

“Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality“ is a beautiful large format art-book –23x31cm ( 9 x 12 inches) - hard-bound with dust jacket - all-color, 320 pages and 750 illustrations including 250 concept paintings coming directly from Walt Disney Imagineering.

To state that this book was conceived by park enthusiasts for other park enthusiasts is weak: the book tells the story of the park’s creation, gives details about the “mythology” of the lands and the attractions and shows each one under a totally new angle, thanks to both text and photos.

The text, by expert and Disney historian Didier Ghez, was written after more than 75 interviews were conducted with the most important Imagineers who created the park.

For each attraction the reader will discover: rare “never-published-before” concept drawings and paintings, models, photos of Imagineers at work on the project and a lot of photos of the attraction as it exists today that will be revealed in the book for the first time. Those 500 photos were carefully selected among more than 2.500 ! In addition, in each chapter a long section is dedicated to the most popular attractions: 24 pages for« Pirates of Caribbean », 14 pages for « Phantom Manor » and « Space Mountain », etc. “Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality “ also features fantastic views of the park from the sky by photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand, all the famous and breathtaking attraction posters that one can normally see below Main Street railroad station, all the futuristic posters from Discovery Arcade, all of Marc Davis’ drawings created for “Pirates of the Caribbean”, etc.

This title is very picture-centric, similar in style to the amazing Walt Disney Imagineering. The book is separated logically by lands, with an prologue detailing the creation of the park. The selection of illustrations is amazing, with a fine balance between concept drawings and photographs from the park. Another highlight are the Attraction posters shown, because it really drives home to differences Disneyland Paris offers.

The narrative text is informative, but dry and lacks a steady flow because of the translation. Even if you find a French edition, this is a title worth picking up, as it serves as a historical documentation of the creation of a modern Disney park.

This book gives Disneyland Paris the treatment all the parks deserve. While the park has little lost attractions, those which have changed are given the same detailed attention. The newest attractions are not included, such as Crush’s Coaster and Tower of Terror.

Having not made it across the Atlantic to visit this park in person, I cannot say this is a perfect representation of the Park. I hope to think it is. Reading this reinforced the idea that making the long trek is a must-do in the next five years. This title is a fitting tribute to the amazing work done by Imagineers in creating a World away from ours. A must-read.

The title can be purchased from eBay seller naut68 and is a much more reasonable price that found on Amazon.

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