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Disney Merchandise & Collectibles Discuss Disney D23 Sneak Peek CD Review! in the Disneyana forums; Hey everyone! If you haven't heard, D23 members get a Sneak peek (chance to purchase a month before they go on sale to the general public) for the Cds The ...
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    Disney D23 Sneak Peek CD Review!

    Hey everyone! If you haven't heard, D23 members get a Sneak peek (chance to purchase a month before they go on sale to the general public) for the Cds The Sherman Brothers Songbook and The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion. (available in the d23 boutique on and I wanted to give a review on these Cds.

    1. The Sherman Brother's Songbook: I must say I am amazed. This 2 disk set has a collection of 59 songs all written by the famous amazingly talented Sherman Brothers. From very early Sherman bros. hits like "Tall Paul" written to be preformed by Anette to "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" written for The Tigger Movie (2000), there's tons of music here. Some you've heard before, (Mary Poppins music) but there is a lot that surprised me. I didn't expect such a great collection of songs that CAN'T be found on most "generic" Disney CDs. There is also some of the music from Journey into Imagination... Magic Journeys is great! This is a MUST HAVE for anyone that is looking to expand their disney music collection, and discover some of the (in my oppinion) greatest music ever written.

    2. The Song and Story from The Haunted Mansion: originally released in 1969 as an old vinyl Disneyland Record promoting the opening of the haunted mansion, this CD contains the story just as it was heard years before. The story is very cool and gives me great flashbacks to when i was at the park riding it... It has sound effects from the ride used to tell a story of two teenagers who take refuge in an old haunted mansion during a storm. The story is good to listen to once... It's not something you'll probably be listening to over and over, but it is fun to hear the same things you hear in the ride and I think it really does take you right back to the park. There is also a CD case size reproduction of the book that came with the original record.... and some very cool hi res Haunted Mansion art that you can print when you put the CD into your computer...It looks really nice printed with high quality paper and ink.

    Well, I thought i'd just offer my input here... they really are worth it!

    Now back to listening to "Meet the World" for the ten thousandth time!
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    Re: Disney D23 Sneak Peek CD Review!

    The Haunted Mansion record was always one of my favorites as a kid. I actually still have it, though it's no longer playable. Great to know they've finally released it on CD as well!
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