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Disney Merchandise & Collectibles Discuss shipping from the world in the Disneyana forums; Does anyone know how much or how easy it is to ship your purchae from WDW to your home? I am looking to pick up quite a bit at the ...
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    shipping from the world

    Does anyone know how much or how easy it is to ship your purchae from WDW to your home? I am looking to pick up quite a bit at the Lego store and wondering if it ends up cheaper to ship or to keep room in a checked bag.
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    Re: shipping from the world

    You have 2 options. Pack an extra suitcase for all your Legos and other items you pick up or have them shipped from the store. I'm not sure of the cost to ship it from the store. I believe it depends on your total but you could be looking at $10-20 to ship it home.

    In the past I've shipped a box of stuff down to the resort and then used that box to ship items home in.

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    Re: shipping from the world

    I think, though I may be wrong, it's cheaper to ship from your resort than from the shop where you purchased your item.
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