I have a Schmid 12in x 8in x 5in Red 55 or 56 Chevy Mickey and Minnie
Music Box/Car numbered 0002 out of 7500. It plays "I can't take my
eyes off of you". It is in excellent condition and I have a feeling
it could be worth a lot of money. I've only been able to find a few
smaller versions of the same car(6in long?), un-numbered and in
horible shape for around $200. I bought it at a sale
last week and the lady I bought it from said it was over 30 years old
and was procured by her mother that worked at Schmid.

There is one half the size in horrible shape and unnumbered on ebay for 179.95. Not sure if I have something very valuble here or not. Can't find anything online about this piece. It's really an eye catching standout piece and maybe people don't sell them?

Can anyone help me please?